DH Lighting introduces new range of Excelite LED projector lamps and modules

DH Lighting India, that offers products under the increasingly popular ‘Excelite’ brand, has introduced new LED projector lamps, retrofit LEDs with higher wattage and LED modules for the domestic market. Here are the responses of Harish Sharma, Director, DH Lighting India in an interaction with N Balasubramanian Focus at Auto Expo We are here to meet […]

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Unique ‘Distributor family meet’ courtesy DH Lighting

‘Fulfilling experience’, ‘bonding time’, ‘sharing is caring’ are a few of the key words that define the 4-day unique ‘Distributor family meet’ organized in early October, 2021 by DH Lighting India in Siliguri, West Bengal. In this issue, we profile Ishan P Shah, owner of Chetan Cars, from Surat, Gujarat and Miten Doshi, owner of […]

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LIVE EXCELITE ZINDAGI – Lighting the pathway to success!

Celebrating their robust association with loyal distributors, DH Lighting India, invited them, along with their families, for a casual business ‘bonding’ meet in Siliguri, West Bengal from September 29 to October 2. Surrounded by the lush tea gardens, the hill resort in Siliguri, West Bengal found discerning distributors of DH Lighting India gathered with their […]

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DH Lighting India hosts Distributors’ Meet

DH Lighting India, a leading company in the global automotive lighting segment, believes in establishing business relationships and aspires towards strong bonding with all its associates. It was for this reason that the company organised a distributors’ meet from September 29 to October 2 where its distributors from across the country were invited with their […]

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Travelling through tea estates, traffic and a tantalising part of India

A road journey, so beautifully presented in various films and books, is always a pleasure, not only for the wonderful sights that one can absorb while driving through the multicultural landscape of India but also for the multitude of interesting experiences. Harish Sharma, Director, DH Lighting India, has completed three such road journeys in order […]

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Exploring beauty and business across North India

In the second part of this travel series, Harish Sharma, Director, DH Lighting India (P) Limited, recounts the interesting road journey he undertook to meet distributors in various cities of North India including Chandigarh, Srinagar, Ludhiana, Delhi and Jaipur In the previous issue of this magazine, I had recounted my trip across India as part […]

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‘Lighting’ up sales with a road journey

Since its establishment, DH Lighting has played a pivotal role in the global automotive lighting industry with consistent technology development and pioneering spirit for the future. Automotive light bulbs and LED modules produced by DH Lighting under the popular ‘Excelite’ brand are sold across the globe, lighting up the night driving of all the drivers […]