Repair & Maintenance tyres

‘Majority of European motorists wouldn’t deal with a flat tyre on roadside themselves’: Apollo Tyres’ survey

A survey commissioned by Apollo Tyres has found that a clear majority of European motorists* would not attempt to deal with a tyre puncture at the roadside themselves. Just 46% say they would use the car’s supplied spare tyre or inflation kit, compared to 32% that say they would instead call on a vehicle breakdown […]

Distribution & Retail tyres

India’s first Vredestein outlet opened in Bengaluru

Apollo Tyres has inaugurated the first branded retail outlet for Vredestein brand of tyres in India. India’s one of the most premium tyre counters, Madhus Tyre Centre, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, in the southern part of the country, has been chosen as the first exclusive outlet for Vredestein brand of tyres. The outlet was inaugurated […]


Apollo Tyres launches ‘AVOLVE’, integrates mobility service business model into operations

 Apollo Tyres today launched ‘AVOLVE’, to integrate mobility service business  model into its operations. This Servitisation model would offer tailored solutions to the  targeted customers, especially commercial vehicle fleet operators, and improve their  operational efficiencies evolving their business to the next level.   In today’s environment, commercial fleet operators are confronted with many challenges of  increasing […]


Apollo Tyres readies itself for sustainable mobility solutions

Apollo Tyres, the leading tyre manufacturer, is readying itself for sustainable mobility solutions. After producing sustainable Agri tyres, the company has now developed passenger vehicle tyres with 75% sustainable materials. The newly developed passenger vehicle tyres, containing 75% sustainable materials, comprises many featured compounding ingredients in different components of the tyres, including bio-based and recycled […]

partnership tyres

Apollo Tyres partners with Tyromer to supply sustainable rubber material

Taking forward its commitment to Sustainability, Apollo Tyres has partnered with Tyromer Inc, a leader in non-chemical devulcanisation of end-of-life tyres. Tyromer Inc, through their Indian associate, Tyromer India LLP, is committed to supplying recycled rubber material, produced using its environmentally sustainable processes, to Apollo Tyres. Announcing the partnership with Tyromer, P K Mohamed, Chief Advisor, […]


Apollo Tyres revamps mining range with bias and radial tyres

Keeping an eye on the growth in the mining sector in the country, Apollo Tyres has revamped its offering for the mining segment in India. The company has introduced Apollo EnduTuff Mining, an exclusive mining radial tyres, and Apollo Terra MT, a bias tyres. Apollo EnduTuff Mining, with its superior performance qualities, reduces the downtime for customers, and enhances […]


Apollo Tyres receives 5-star rating for LCV tyres

As India initiates the journey towards ‘star rating’ of tyres in the country, Apollo Tyres, the leading tyre maker, has become the first company to be awarded with 5 stars for its Apollo brand of light truck radials. Multiple SKUs of 16-inch Apollo Endurace RA and LD have received the 5-star ratings from the Bureau […]

Parts & Components

Apollo Tyres launches 5 new tyres for TBR segment

Leading tyre maker Apollo Tyres has introduced 5 new truck-bus radial tyres for the Indian market. These new products are a mix of steer, drive and all-wheel fitment tyres, and have been introduced to enhance customers’ operational productivity and offer the best in technology. The tyres have been extensively tested in real world applications across […]