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India’s first Vredestein outlet opened in Bengaluru

Apollo Tyres has inaugurated the first branded retail outlet for Vredestein brand of tyres in India. India’s one of the most premium tyre counters, Madhus Tyre Centre, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, in the southern part of the country, has been chosen as the first exclusive outlet for Vredestein brand of tyres.

The outlet was inaugurated by Vikram Garga, Group Head, Marketing, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd along with Nikhil B, Deputy Managing Director, Madhus Garage and Equipment, in the presence of car and bike enthusiasts from the region.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram Garga, Group Head, Marketing, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd, said “Bengaluru is amongst the biggest markets for auto enthusiasts, with a significant vehicle park of premium cars and superbikes. Madhus Tyre Centre, with its enviable clientele, is the perfect fit for Vredestein product range, targeted towards the enthusiastic explorers, for whom the ultra-high performance vehicles are a reflection of themselves. We are confident that a presence in this high footfall zone and enhanced brand visibility, will boost the sales numbers as well.”

This specialist counter for Vredestein, follows a modern up-market retail format of selling tyres – ensuring ample visual appeal, comfort and convenience to customers, and providing opportunity to learn about the product’s applications and performance before making the final purchase. They, thus bridge the gap between tyres being a low involvement category product and the need for expert guidance, to enable customers buy the right tyres, suited to their vehicle, driving style and usage.

The Company has been using its vast network of business partners, especially premium tier I counters, to sell the Vredestein brand of tyres. With the first specialist counter opened today in Bengaluru, Apollo Tyres is targeting at all the key metropolitan cities in the country with a significant vehicle park of high-end cars and superbikes for more such outlets.

A premium European brand, Vredestein tyres, is manufactured at Apollo Tyres’ state-of-the-art facilities in India, and caters to the premium and luxury segment in passenger cars, while the two-wheeler tyres from the brand caters to the growing superbiking segment in India. Vredestein brand is synonymous with premium styling and ultra-high performance, which are the two most important factors considered by the owners of luxury cars and superbikes.