Roots Auto Products’ full product prowess on display

ACMA Aftermarket Expo @ Coimbatore

Making an eye-catching presence in its home market of Coimbatore, Roots display its versatile range of products at the show. Janarthanan, Head – Marketing, Roots Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. took us through the stall, giving a glimpse of its expertise in auto electricals and other product categories.

Excerpts from the product showcase and stall walkthrough:

At Roots, our expertise lies in automotive horns which is the heart of our product range. Our horns span a range from 70 mm to 150 mm in diameter, with options including wind tone horns and vibrating horns. With over twenty-five distinct horn variants, available in 6, 12, and 24 volts, our horns are of serviceable type with spare parts available for maintenance. These are the core products of Roots.

Beyond horns, Roots manufactures a diverse array of auto electrical and mechatronic components. These products, such as backup alarms, TC DC converters, and USB chargers, find application not only in India but also globally in OEM vehicles.

We offer an extensive array of auto electrical products, including relays, flashers, melody makers, switches, LED lamps, wipers, mobile chargers, mobile accessories, rear-view mirrors, combination switches, DC, converters, fusers, fuse holders, fuse links, auto cables, battery cables, and battery booster cables. These products cover a wide spectrum, from two-wheelers to construction equipment, servicing both aftermarket and OEMs.

Our extensive automotive division boasts products catering to two-wheelers, passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, tractors, and even solar and inverter batteries. Additionally, we offer two-wheeler friction components including clutch brakes, pressure plates, brake shoes, and brake pads. The lighting department has showcased 140 varieties of halogen lamps, ranging from miniature, tail lamp, to xenon lamps, and cutting-edge LED lamps. Roots also provides highly regarded two-wheeler lubricants.

Our wiper horn range caters to both car and truck segments, offering wiper horns and air pressure horns, available in various configurations from single trumpet to six trumpets and single-tone to multi-tone.

The Roots brand is celebrated in the market for its customizable air pressure horns, always striving to meet customer requirements and provide reliable service. We value our customers’ feedback and continuously work on improving our products based on the feedback.