Tata AutoComp’s end-to-end system solutions for all vehicle segments

ACMA Aftermarket Expo @ Coimbatore

Tata AutoComp is a prominent player in the automotive industry, boasting a wide array of business units that cater to various facets of vehicle manufacturing and maintenance encompassing the passenger car, commercial vehicle, tractor & off-highway and two-wheeler segments. At the ACMA Aftermarket Show in Coimbatore, the diverse components and services offered by Tata AutoComp, ranging from cutting-edge batteries to advanced suspension systems and electric vehicle charging infrastructure were on display.

At the heart of Tata AutoComp’s offerings are the Tata Green batteries, serving as OEM suppliers to esteemed companies such as Tata Motors and Suzuki. The batteries, primarily lead-acid, also play a crucial role in hybrid cars like those produced by Suzuki. It also offers lithium-based batteries for electric vehicles, contributing to the industry’s shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions.

Tata AutoComp’s independent aftermarket unit acts as a trading entity, sourcing components from suppliers and delivering them to the market. Their product range encompasses radiator coolants, gear oils, filters, clutches, and more.

Another arm of Tata AutoComp is Tata Ficosa, a leading provider of mirrors and related components, supplying products that include cooling water tanks, cables, gear shift devices, and innovative mirrors equipped with cameras. The company is also investing in electric anti-glare mirrors.

Specializing in suspension systems for heavy vehicles, Tata Hendrickson offers air suspension systems, lift axles, bogie suspension, and the revolutionary ULTIMAAX suspension. These products are supplied to prominent CV manufacturers including Tata Motors, Volvo-Eicher, and Mahindra.

Tata Toyo Radiator focuses on specialized radiator systems, with a strong emphasis on thin core radiators, which address space constraints in modern vehicles. Additionally, their subsidiary, AITTR is involved in cooling systems for electric vehicles, catalytic converters, and equipment for BS-VI compliance.

Tata AutoComp is also a significant player in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market. They offer a broad range of charging systems, ranging from 3 kW to 350 kW, with manufacturing primarily in Pune. Their products are supplied to major infrastructure providers such as Tata Power, Reliance Infra, Adani, etc.