Elofic Industries: Bridging Past and Future in Filtration Solutions

Elofic Industries Ltd., a distinguished filter manufacturer boasting over 70 years of expertise, showcased its rich legacy and forward-looking product range at Automechanika 2024. K.D. Sahni, Vice Chairman & Joint Managing Director, encapsulated the company’s evolution by stating, “The evolution of Elofic is depicted here at our booth. From the era of Fiat and Ambassadors to the modern age of EVs and fuel cell technology.”

Highlighting Elofic’s diversified product range, Sahni urged attendees to “Think filtration, Think Elofic,” spotlighting the company’s involvement in mobility filters, health and wellness products, industrial air purifiers, and water filtration. This reflects Elofic’s adaptability across various industries and applications within its extensive portfolio.

Discussing Elofic’s robust presence in both OEM and aftermarket segments, M.B. Sahni, Chairman & Managing Director, unveiled, “Aftermarket today comprises nearly about 30% of our total turnover.” This underscores the company’s significant inclination towards the aftermarket, where customer loyalty holds paramount importance. A dealer’s quote resonated, “Men may come and go, but Elofic goes on forever,” echoing Elofic’s enduring brand image.

Shedding light on Elofic’s manufacturing capabilities, M.B. Sahni highlighted, “We continuously improve our manufacturing capabilities, with over 95% of production done in-house, allowing quality control.” This underscores the company’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and its capacity for constant improvement.

K.D. Sahni detailed Elofic’s R&D mission, stating, “The mission of our R&D is to be the preferred filtration partner with all the OEMs.” Elofic prioritizes innovation, aiming to lead as a premier filtration partner for original equipment manufacturers.

Delving into business diversification, K.D. Sahni underscored Elofic’s strategic move into various filtration-related products, aligning with future trends. “As far as pollution is concerned, clean products have a future,” he declared, emphasizing their proactive approach to meet emerging environmental needs.

Elofic Industries Ltd. stands as a stalwart in the filtration industry, harmonizing its illustrious history with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring a lasting legacy through innovation, sustainability, and adaptability. M.B. Sahni reiterated the company’s philosophy, stating, “Keep on changing with times,” underscoring their unwavering commitment to continuous research and development for sustained success.

Participating in Automechanika, M.B. Sahni emphasized the platform’s significance, noting, “The exhibition offers valuable platforms and serves as a meeting point to renew your relationships, to renew your contacts, to meet old people and see further opportunities.” Elofic leverages such platforms for relationship management, discussing future prospects and maintaining connections.