TecAlliance’s Insightful Journey through Digitization

TecAlliance has embarked on an insightful journey, paving the way for innovation and adaptability in the automotive aftermarket. The growing Indian market witnessed a positive trend in TecAlliance’s growth over the past year, with increasing interest from both Indian and global brands seeking to integrate their data with TecAlliance. Positioned as a comprehensive market partner, TecAlliance emerges as a valuable ally for businesses in India.

TecAlliance GmbH’s Executive Vice President, David Winter, expressed excitement about reconnecting with the industry at a physical event at the 5th edition of ACMA Automechanika 2024, stating, “This is a unique opportunity to do so, and we’re really happy to be back, seeing people physically and face to face.” Ravish Deshpande, MD of TecAlliance India and South Asia, highlighted the significance of ACMA Automechanika, stating, “It’s the biggest aftermarket event for us in India, and we are looking forward to connecting with our partners and showcasing our products.”

He highlighted the diverse participants at the show, including aggregators, startups, and traditional suppliers. He expressed optimism about the growing market and TecAlliance’s role in catering to a larger piece of the aftermarket. Ravish discussed TecAlliance’s growth in India, noting a positive trend since the last year. He emphasized increasing interest from Indian brands and global brands looking to onboard data with TecAlliance. The company’s comprehensive market coverage positions it as a valuable partner for businesses in India.

David addressed TecAlliance’s differentiation in the market, highlighting their ability to deal with globalization. Winter candidly addresses the challenges in digitization, particularly in the backend of the market, acknowledging substantial hurdles with suppliers in data management. Despite these challenges, he underscores the company’s commitment to making slow but steady progress in overcoming them. He emphasized the challenges in digitization, stating, “In the back end of the market, it’s not ahead. We still have major challenges with suppliers in terms of the way they manage their data.” 

Ravish outlined the main opportunities in India, emphasizing the importance of data in the aftermarket. TecAlliance aims to connect workshops, distributors, suppliers, and end-users through various solutions, creating value for the entire ecosystem. Winter added, “Standardization is important, and that’s the benefit of being with us.”

Reflecting on the business in 2023, Ravish mentioned clear growth compared to 2022. He discussed ongoing projects with key stakeholders and anticipated executing more projects in the coming year. David emphasized India’s strategic importance, stating, “India is a strategic market, and we continue to invest in India for the long term.”