‘Clutching’ Excellence: RUEN-Inox’s Impactful Presence

Veeramanikandan R, Managing Director of RUEN-Inox Automobile, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s return to physical shows and was pleased with their participation at ACMA Automechanika 2024. As a European-based company the Indian subsidiary was launched in 2022, RUEN-Inox Automobile specializes in heavy-duty truck clutches. Veeramanikandan R revealed that the company is showcasing new products, including air bellows for suspension, brake pads, and brake discs.

Veeramanikandan R emphasized the positive response received during the exhibition, stating, “The response was very good.” RUEN-Inox Automobile’s focus on heavy-duty truck clutches aligns with the evolving needs of the automotive industry, and the introduction of new products reflects the company’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio.

Automechanika serves as a crucial B2B platform for auto component manufacturers, providing a valuable opportunity to connect with industry stakeholders. Veeramanikandan R acknowledged the significance of Automechanika, stating, 

“Automechanika is a great platform for our auto component manufacturers.”

Looking ahead, Veeramanikandan R outlined RUEN-Inox Automobile’s growth plans, stating, “In the next 5 years, we are going to implement a production plant here.” This strategic move aligns with the company’s vision for expansion and underscores its commitment to enhancing local production capabilities.

As RUEN-Inox Automobile unfolds its future plans and introduces innovative products at Automechanika, the company positions itself for sustained growth and relevance in the competitive automotive market.