MB Pneumatyka – Blending tradition with innovation in pneumatic connectors

“I was pleasantly surprised by India’s receptiveness to change and eagerness to embrace innovation. The immense support and cooperation we received from the Indian community has greatly contributed to the development of our business in the country. Indians are distinguished by their hospitality, gentlemanly demeanor, and willingness to collaborate.” – Malgorzata Bieniaszewska, Founder, MB Pneumatyka

For four decades, MB Pneumatyka has been a symbol of combining tradition and innovation with a relentless focus on quality and reliability. The company, founded by the Bieniaszewski family, has grown into a leading name in the pneumatic connector industry. Since 2002, the company’s helm has been held by Malgorzata Bieniaszewska, who brings a wealth of business experience and leadership skills to the role. She is the author of “(Non)perfect leader. 14 lessons of efficient leadership,” and is a university lecturer and a member of the Entrepreneurship Council of the President of Poland.

MB Pneumatyka stands out as the only manufacturer of pneumatic push-to-connect (PTC) connectors in Poland and one of the top three in Europe. The company’s products are used by major commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world. Recognizing the potential of the Indian market, the company partnered with local entrepreneur Dinesh Kothiya, demonstrating an appreciation for Indian culture and a commitment to understanding the local business landscape. The company’s mission is to serve society wherever it operates and to innovate in the dynamic market of pneumatic PTC connectors.

The product range of MB Pneumatyka is extensive, with its pneumatic PTC fittings used in a large proportion of vehicles worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its dedication to quality and the ability to meet stringent requirements. The fittings offer benefits such as quick and repeated disassembly, corrosion resistance, compact size for reduced vehicle weight, and resilience in extreme conditions, making them suitable for military applications as well.

Beyond providing connectors, MB Pneumatyka specializes in optimizing pneumatic systems in commercial vehicles. The company’s operations are built on three core values: humanity, respect, and reputation. This ethos fosters a collaborative work environment and extends to its training programs for the Indian team, investments in high-precision CNC machinery, and direct client engagement. The frequent presence of Malgorzata Bieniaszewska in India emphasizes the company’s commitment to understanding local needs and building lasting partnerships. The dedicated technical and sales team in India is also prepared to provide support.

MB Pneumatyka has developed strong partnerships with prominent companies like Knorr-Bremse, ZF (WABCO), and Haldex, reflecting the quality and reliability of its products and services. The company also supplies directly to manufacturers of commercial vehicles worldwide, including those producing semi-trailers, trailers, defense vehicles, cranes, buses, and agricultural vehicles.

In summary, MB Pneumatyka is much more than a manufacturer of pneumatic fittings—it represents the convergence of tradition, innovation, and cultural understanding. As it moves forward, the company is committed to maintaining its values and delivering unparalleled solutions to clients around the world.