Galaxy Bearings: Navigating the Road Ahead with Precision and Innovation

Rajkot-based Galaxy Bearings made a striking presence at ACMA Automechanika 2024, showcasing its diverse product offerings, including tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and wheel hub bearings. CEO Nitin Santoki expressed the company’s focus on wheel bearings, stating, “We are focusing on Taper roller bearing, which is a wheel bearing. We supply the majority to OEM customers and also in the European and American overseas markets.”

Santoki highlighted the company’s strategic position as European trucks become prevalent in India, providing a unique advantage. He mentioned, “For the last 10 years, we have been achieving our target, approximately 75% to the export market and 25% to the domestic market.”

With a presence in commercial vehicles, industrial, highway, and agricultural segments, Galaxy Bearings has observed a sustained demand in the commercial vehicle market. Santoki stated, “If you see the entire industry, more and more people are focusing on EV industries, but especially when we talk about the commercial vehicle, the old tradition is going on in the market.”

Galaxy Bearings has witnessed a shift in customer demand, moving from standalone bearings to integrated solutions with casting hubs. Santoki emphasized, “Nowadays, they say we want an entire complete solution, which we are doing in-house, and that’s why we are growing like anything.”

The company stands committed to durability and reliability, offering warranties up to 500,000 kilometers. Santoki mentioned, “More or less, we are offering them around 200,000 kilometers warranty, and also sometimes, if everything works out, we give a 500,000 kilometers warranty.”

To meet increasing demand, Galaxy Bearings is expanding its capacity with a new 15,000-square-meter facility, planning to add five million units annually for taper roller bearings. Santoki highlighted, “We are putting up a new plant, and we are going to add a 5 million capacity in a year for taper roll bearings.”

In terms of market share, Galaxy Bearings derives 75% of its revenue from exports. Santoki stated, “Out of 75% export, 38% is our OEM market.” He emphasized that their focus on India’s aftermarket is expanding, stating, “In India, approximately 10% is an OEM market, and 15% is an aftermarket.”

Galaxy Bearings aligns with industry trends by continually improving materials and dimensions through in-house testing. Santoki emphasized, “We are improving on a material level and a dimension level, and we are doing too much testing in-house.”

The CEO commended ACMA Automechanika, stating, “They are doing a very wonderful job because they are well-experienced people.” He appreciated the show organizers for their experience and expertise, ensuring a successful event. 

Galaxy Bearings communicates its unique selling proposition through a 34-year legacy of sustained growth, emphasizing its customer-centric approach. Santoki acknowledged the ongoing support from customers, the dedication of the factory team, and the company’s consistent growth rate, that put them on course to exceed 25% annually.