NRB Bearings seek to grow aftermarket exports

The confidence emanates from design to delivery competence.

NRB Bearings participate in Automechanika shows regularly. “It is an opportunity for us to connect with different geographies and customers. We expect a lot of footfalls from the local as well as global fraternity in this particular event,” states Anil Andurkar, vice president – Sales & Marketing,NRB Bearings

The company has considerable presence in India and globally, with 25 percent of its exports coming from the US and Europe. “We are proud of the fact that we are a one-stop shop for all types of bearings. NRB Bearings is present in all verticals of the auto industry, from two-three wheelers, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and tractors. Today, Indian vehicles are increasingly been seen in other geographies such as South Asia, South Africa and Latin America. So, aftermarket exports can follow this growth trajectory. We will grow our exports in line with this strategy,” elaborates Anil 

NRB Bearings has invested in its our own R&D set up over the last couple of decades. “We have competence right from the design to the delivery stage. This kind of setup gives confidence to the aftermarket business. Aftermarket customers are sure that they are getting the same quality and performance as is available to the OEMs.