Garware seeks to grow market penetration through its cutting-edge films

Mastery over technology enables the company to achieve unparalleled customisation

Ninety-year-old Garware is only company to make paint protection and sun protection films in India. These films find application in both automotive and architectural domains. At ACMA Automechanika, the company showcased automotive paint protection and window films.

The paint protection film increases the gloss of the car. At the same time, any scratch on the car is automatically healed. Lastly, the life of the paint increases to 5-10 years depending upon warranty. The resale value also correspondingly increases.

Heat resistant films are a Garware speciality, “In India, we are allowed 50-70 percent visual light transmission through the glasses of the car. We are the only company to manufacture this kind of product in India. The product which we are showcasing here complies with Central Motor Vehicle Rules. There is no glare when you drive the car; heat is reduced; moreover, all our films are 99 percent UV resistant. So, in summary, comfort and aesthetics are enhanced,” explains Deepak Joshi , Director -Sales & Marketing

Technological prowess

Garware does not take the shortcut of making coated films. ‘We are the only Indian company and the second in the world which make their products by deep-die technology. That means the colour and profile of the film remains for life. Nano-particles are used after the application of deep-dye technology. We can design films depending upon one’s need, for example if one wants 50 percent light to come in, that’s exactly what they will get.’ Not surprisingly, Garware offers 10 years warranty on all its products

Great forum

Joshi is happy that car manufacturers, dealers and distributors have visited them at Automechanika. But what is the most heartening is that end customers are also visiting in droves, ‘because cars are a passion for everyone.’ So, you cannot blame Garware for the optimism. ‘We supply to more than 100 countries. We want to increase our penetration 2-3-fold in our home market, India.’