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SML Isuzu celebrates 3 lakh+ vehicles on road

SML Isuzu is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to trucks and fully-built buses in the country, being a torchbearer of safety, comfort, reliability and low maintenance across its range of vehicles. This year, SML Isuzu has completed 40 years of its presence and has achieved a milestone of selling more than 3 lakh vehicles during its journey of four decades. The company has played a key role in transforming India’s mobility landscape and has been an important underpinning in the country’s CV and transportation sector. SML vehicles have been the preferred choice for several transporters and fleet operators for their low cost of ownership and high profitability.

Blending Indian expertise and dedication alongside cutting-edge Japanese technology and adapting it to rather harsh operating conditions prevalent in the Indian subcontinent, while maintaining the essential ‘Never Give-up & Hardworking Spirit’, the company is a renowned manufacturer of trucks and buses. SML was the first-ever company in India to introduce fully built-up buses in the market in the late 80s. The company’s product line-up and the business comprises four major verticals: Trucks (LCV & ICV Segments from 5 Ton – 13 Ton), Buses (12 Seats to 62 Seats in School, Staff and Tourist Applications), Special Application Vehicles (Ambulances, Army/Police Troop Carriers, Municipal Applications like Garbage Dumper Placers, Water Tankers, Sky-Lifts, Towing-Vans etc.) and Spare-Parts along with nation-wide network of sales & service dealerships as channel partners.