MACAS showcases superior clutches and brakes

ACMA Auto Components Aftermarket Show, Indore

MACAS Automotive, a highly regarded manufacturer in India, specializes in the production of top-notch automotive components, particularly clutches and brakes. With over 30 years of industry experience, MACAS has become an expert in friction materials, including brake linings, clutch facings, and disc brake pads. Pramod Kumar, the General Manager, expressed gratitude to ACMA for their exhibition in Indore, which raised awareness about the significance of using genuine spare parts for road safety. Serving both OEMs and the aftermarket, MACAS focuses on heavy commercial vehicles and provides a comprehensive range of approved products, such as brakes, clutches, gears, and brake lines. The company is actively expanding its footprint across India, with a particular emphasis on potential growth in the southern region. Their collaboration with Etna Motors as a distributor in Indore aims to strengthen their market presence in small commercial vehicles (SCVs). MACAS is dedicated to acquiring new customers, educating garage and workshop personnel about their high-quality offerings, and enhancing their market share in clutch and brake linings. Hence, they were upbeat about their participation at the ACMA Automotive Aftermarket show in Indore.