RHINO KIT : SAE SMB’s durable solution for heavy-duty applications

SAE SMB Axles and Suspension, a division of Italy’s ADR Group, has unveiled the Rhino Heavy Duty 54-tonne suspension system, tailored to excel in demanding terrain conditions. Antonio Strafallaci, General Manager and Balaji Ghute, Plant Manager at ADR Axles India spoke to Rajesh Rajgor from Motorindia, who was exclusively invited for the unveil at Bilaspur Chattisgarh.

The idea behind this launch event and a very special product known as the Rhino Kit; is to respond to a strong requirement in this area, especially for mining, by providing the right suspension,” emphasised Antonio, as he opened the address to a gathering of tip-trailer builders and dealers at an event in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh, a central Indian state, boasts several significant mining belts that play pivotal roles in the nation’s industrial landscape. The Durg-Bastar-Chandrapur Belt is renowned for its high-grade coal reserves, while the Korba Coalfield stands out as one of India’s largest coal deposits. The Bailadila Iron Ore Mines in Dantewada district are crucial for the iron and steel industry, managed by the National Mineral Development Corporation.

Additionally, the Raigarh-Gharghoda Belt and the mineral-rich Bastar Plateau contribute substantially to the state’s economy through coal, iron ore, bauxite, limestone, and dolomite extraction. The unveiling of a robust product by SAE SMB is keeping in mind these requirements of the local players.

The pneumatic suspension of the kit boasts features such as a special parabolic guide arm for all-terrain performance and an eccentric bolts design for easy axle alignment, enhancing efficiency. According to Antonio, “The Rhino kit meets specific requirements and customization for trailer manufacturers in the region, particularly for coal mining.

On the mechanical suspension front, highlights include a thicker leaf for enhanced durability and bushings made from a special compound to withstand heavy-duty applications. Antonio noted, “We focused on addressing specific requirements through collaboration with trailer manufacturers, ensuring the Rhino kit suits their needs.”

Crafted for Indian Roads
This 54-ton Rhino Suspension Kit is meticulously crafted considering Indian road conditions, with attention to every detail,” says Balaji as he shared technical details about the product. Speaking about the strength of the product, Balaji explains, “The key feature of our product is its strength. With an extra-wide, 18mm thickness leaf, and a 1550 wheelbase, it ensures balanced movement and enhances tyre life.”

Elaborating about the advantages of pneumatic suspension versus traditional mechanical suspension, Balaji states, “Our main product integrates pneumatic and mechanical suspension for continuous operation. We’ve introduced special design elements such as parabolic leaf, eccentric bushes, and imported big balloons for superior performance.

Highlighting the importance of pre-lubricated bushes for rockers, Balaji emphasizes, “pre-lubricated bushes are crucial for maintaining optimal performance, especially considering the heavy load transmission on rockers. Our global design team has incorporated a special PTFE coating for enhanced durability.” In terms of axle specifications, the mono-block body axle offers superior strength with no welding, ensuring longevity and minimal risk of fatigue rupture.

KBA Certified, ISO 9001 Pursuit, Ambitious Growth Ahead
ADR Axles India, in July 2018, introduced its SAE SMB brand to the Indian trailer market, selling 1,300 road axles within seven months, marking a rapid rise to prominence. Their success is attributed to a steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. Notably, their factory in India has received KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) certification, ensuring production standards equivalent to those in Europe, reflecting their dedication to maintaining high quality. Currently pursuing ISO 9001 certification, ADR Axles underscores its commitment to consistent quality across operations, drawing from past experiences to uphold rigorous standards for customer satisfaction. Antonio highlighted, “Our plant in India has been designed for significant capacity expansion, reflecting the growing demand in the mobility sector.

Looking ahead, Antonio outlined ambitious growth targets for SAE SMB Axles and Suspensions in India, aiming for a substantial increase in turnover and production by 2024. He expressed confidence that the company’s strategic investments and expansion plans will materialize into tangible success. Emphasising on customization and addressing the specific challenges, Balaji concluded: “Our product aims to provide unmatched reliability and longevity. By addressing specific challenges and customer needs, we ensure our suspension kits deliver superior performance, ultimately benefiting body builders and fleet owners, enhancing overall revenue.