Construction Equipment Technology

Alkraft’s thermal technology expertise and EV solutions open new pathways for CE industry

Basil Mohamed Siddeeqi, MD, Alkraft Thermotechnologies, articulated the company’s unwavering commitment to empowering customers through state-of-the-art thermal management solutions during Excon 2023. He asserted, “The purpose and focus of Alkraft has always been to enable customer success by providing them Innovative thermal management solutions that provide best-in-class thermal performance and reliability.

At the event, Alkraft unveiled its BS5 product line, which included the complete range of products covering Construction, Industrial and Material Handling equipment, advanced solutions for alternate fuel and electric vehicles (EVs), and specialized products for the North American market such as a water-cooled oil cooler and charge air cooler; and cooling systems for large industrial gensets. The diverse offering underscores Alkraft’s dedication to meeting the varied needs of global markets.

Siddeeqi emphasized the strategic importance of Alkraft’s engagement in the construction equipment (CE) sector, noting its pivotal role in infrastructure development for the country. He remarked, “This sector is instrumental in shaping the country’s infrastructure. From being the world’s third-largest construction equipment market, India is poised to become the first within five years given the growth potential that we possess.

Siddeeqi highlighted Alkraft’s engineering prowess, particularly in product design, advanced CFD and CAE validation, and extensive in-house and on-site customer support. He stressed that these competencies allow Alkraft to deliver first-time-through solutions for various applications in both domestic and international markets.

In discussing the company’s foray into the EV market, Siddeeqi showcased Alkraft’s Battery Thermal Management System that was displayed at Excon. “We have introduced a comprehensive, plug-and-play battery thermal management system that includes a cold plate and is designed to maintain optimal battery efficiency under varying conditions,” he explained.

Siddeeqi also touched on the critical role of the Battery Thermal Management System in ensuring peak battery performance, longevity and vehicle safety by preventing thermal runaway. He also explained that the potential of the Cold Plate technology extended beyond vehicular and off-highway applications, to energy storage and charging solutions.

Siddeeqi reflected on the strategic approach behind Alkraft’s product development, emphasizing the company’s efforts to facilitate the industry’s transition towards more sustainable energy solutions through rigorous R&D and process optimization.

Looking back on the fiscal year 2023-2024, Siddeeqi described it as a pivotal period marked by significant transitions, with Alkraft at the cusp of substantial growth driven by the shift towards alternative fuels, electric mobility, and the expanding global demand for innovative thermal management solutions.