Rico Auto on course for 20% YoY growth in current and next fiscal years

Abhishek Kulshreshtha, Senior VP – Corporate Material & After Market Business, Rico Auto

Rico Auto, a seasoned participant at ACMA Automechanika, showcased its prowess in manufacturing parts for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and three-wheelers, emphasizing their focus on quality and reliability. In an interview with MOTORINDIA, Abhishek Kulshreshtha, Senior VP – Corporate Material & After Market Business, Rico Auto talks about his company’s presence at the event, their focus product lines, and an overall business update.

Presence at ACMA Automechanika
Reflecting on their participation, Kulshreshtha noted Rico Auto’s previous presence at the show in 2019, highlighting the resurgence of the event post-COVID. With this year’s theme combining Automechanika and Bharat Mobility, Rico Auto experienced a surge in footfall, attracting not only established players but also new startups. Kulshreshtha expressed optimism about the event’s outcome, anticipating favorable results for Rico Auto’s business.

Focus Product Lines
During the event, Rico Auto showcased its prowess in manufacturing water pumps, oil pumps, and clutch assemblies, essential components in the aftermarket segment. Kulshreshtha proudly announced their comprehensive range of clutch assemblies for two-wheelers available in the Indian market, which received a positive response from visitors. Additionally, Rico Auto unveiled new commodities such as brake drums, brake shoes, clutch assemblies, and clutch plates, sparking engaging discussions with visitors.

Target Audience at the Show
Kulshreshtha observed a shift in the event’s dynamics, noting the presence of industry professionals, distributors, and even mechanics. This inclusivity, he remarked, was a positive change from previous events, with mechanics actively seeking out Rico Auto’s offerings. Their direct feedback highlighted the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, driven by factors like digital marketing and changing policies.

Overall Business Update
Looking ahead, Kulshreshtha projected a 20% growth in Rico Auto’s topline for the current fiscal year. While acknowledging slight fluctuations in EBIDTA and PBT percentages, he remained optimistic about the company’s overall growth trajectory. Furthermore, he highlighted the promising prospects in the aftermarket segment, forecasting another 20% growth in the next financial year.