Auto Expo 2023

Greaves Cotton showcases EV might with 6 new electric 2 & 3-wheelers

Greaves Cotton Limited, one of India’s leading diversified engineering companies, showcased its EV might at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. The company unveiled its new, Made in India product offerings across two-wheelers and three-wheelers including the game changing e2w – Ampere Primus. Significantly, Greaves Cotton announced it will leverage its decades of engineering expertise to manufacture powertrains as it aims to lead last-mile passenger and cargo mobility through a complete EV ecosystem stack.

Since its foray into sustainable mobility, Greaves has committed a capital investment of INR 1500 crores to boost India’s EV ecosystem to include:

  • Feature Rich Electric Ampere Two Wheelers – Ampere Primus, the high-speed B2C e-scooter targeted at modern millennials along with Ampere NXG and Ampere NXU
  • Futuristic Greaves Electric Three Wheelers – Greaves ELP, the passenger e3w; Greaves ELC, the cargo e3w; and Greaves Aero Vision, a futuristic cargo concept embodying performance and efficiency
  • Powertrain to Power the EV Industry – To introduce motor-controllers, & integration software to meet the emerging needs of the EV ecosystem
  • Growth of Greaves Finance and Greaves Retail – Shared initiatives undertaken with multi-brand retail stores offering 15+ EVs, 50+ models, EV service and spares, in addition to EV financing for EV adoption across India

Electric Mobility continues to see steep growth on the back of a collective global response to the climate crisis caused by fossil fuel use. Greaves Cotton has delivered a real impact on the sustainability front by helping save over 35 million liters of fuel through 1.3 billion + electric kilometers driven by the Company’s customers.

Commenting on Greaves Cotton’s transition into a transformational catalyst for India’s EV ecosystem, Nagesh Basavanhalli, Executive Vice Chairman of Greaves Cotton Limited, said: “Greaves Cotton is in the process of transitioning from a metal-based, manufacturing engineering company to an electric, electronic and mechatronics based mobility technology company that is solving the 21st century challenges in clean and affordable last-mile mobility. The products and technology we have unveiled here, today, bear testimony to our purposeful stride towards emerging as India’s most complete EV ecosystem player. Each product, inspired by the Arctic Tern, epitomizes its sustainable spirit, aerodynamic efficiency for mobility and intelligent design. We are committed to help India transition to electric mobility while setting a new benchmark of scale, sophistication, and diversity in the EV landscape. 2023 marks a new growth phase for us, as we provide holistic, end-to-end solutions and empower lives.”

Segment 1

Made in India Powertrains to power India’s EV surge

With technology as a key differentiator, the e-powertrain suite will be characterized by cutting-edge design, engineering, materials chemistry, weight and aesthetics that will be customized to the needs of OEM customers. Each product will continue to represent the Company’s “Make in India” commitment, with a high level of localization and components obtained domestically.

Announcing the Group’s foray in the electric powertrain business, Dr. Arup Basu, Managing Director of Greaves Cotton Limited, said: “The electric powertrain business is a natural progression for us, given our sound engineering legacy. For decades, we have been making in India and meeting the needs of our customers. With our in-depth knowledge of vehicle duty cycle expertise, we will meet the evolving needs in the mobility segment with the unveiling of electric powertrain technologies. It is exciting to be in this space with our EV technology stack.”

Segment 2

Unveils a full spectrum of 2& 3 wheelers across price points & consumer segments
New Ampere Primus, offering high-speed, performance and elegant styling

Targeted at modern millennial commuters and young families, Ampere Primus is poised to meet the needs of customers looking for higher speed, enhanced styling and better technology. The key highlights of the vehicle include:

  • Performance – Top speed of 77 kmph, 0-40kmph < 5 sec, efficient high torque 4 kW mid-mount motor & a true range of 100+ km on a full charge. Primus can be driven in 4 modes – Eco, City, Power, and Reverse modes for optimum rideability.
  • Safety – 3 Kwh LFP battery technology with smart BMS that is phase 1, AIS 156 compliant
  • Durability – Longer battery life with LFP chemistry
  • Smart – Bluetooth connectivity & navigation with phone app for convenience
  • Comfort – Longer legroom, wider seats, better driveability
  • Style – Elegant styling with 4 metallic matt colours including Himalayan White, Royal Orange, Havelock Blue & Buck Black. Dual tone body panels

In addition to the Primus, the company unveiled 5 additional new product concepts to meet consumer needs across segments and price points. These include:

  • Ampere NXG, a sophisticated and stylish electric scooter with IoT connectivity for the discerning customers in the passenger mobility space
  • Ampere NXU, a robust, & connected B2B electric scooter for multiple commercial applications, for the gig economy. It can also be a personal use vehicle for the family

Greaves Electric makes electric three-wheelers look cool

With the commitment to usher India towards a sustainable future with last-mile mobility, Greaves unveiled 3 wheelers for passenger and cargo mobility

  • Greaves ELP – an electric passenger 3 wheeler that will empower auto drivers with disruptive cost savings
  • Greaves ELC – an electric cargo 3 wheeler that will meet the ever-growing demand in moving cargo, at a much lower cost to serve
  • Greaves Aero Vision – a futuristic cargo concept that will ensure the needs of efficiency and performance are met in the evolving cargo mobility segment.

Each product will continue to embody the company’s ‘Make-in-India’ thrust, with a high degree of localization with domestically sourced components.

Speaking on the new product roadmap, Sanjay Behl, CEO and Executive Director of Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), said: “We are delighted to unveil the full-spectrum of the GEMPL portfolio with 6 new electric two and three-wheelers that offer an enhanced design language, state-of-the-art technology, and superior performance. With Ampere Primus, we will set a new benchmark in performance, comfort and elegantly styled products for the modern millennial commuters. New concepts such as Ampere NXG, Ampere NXU, Greaves ELP, Greaves, ELC & Greaves Aero Vision will truly make Har Gully Electric. In FY24 we are prepared to further strengthen our dominant position in last mile passenger and cargo mobility”.