Cojali represents major brands Jaltest Solutions and Cojali Parts

cojali will present its products and solutions for commercial vehicles at Automechanika Frankfurt, the most important fair of components and services of the automotive sector at European and global level, which will take place from 13th to 17th September in Frankfurt (Germany), after several editions delayed due to the pandemics.

Cojali will have two stands: one of them exclusively intended to show the latest innovations in the design and manufacture of components under the brand Cojali Parts (H4.B81), and another stand displaying the most advanced technological solutions pertaining to Jaltest Solutions (H8.A20).

Therefore, the visitors will be able to know in detail some of the products and services that have turned Cojali into a benchmark supplier in the industry, among which it is worth noting:

The brand Cojali Parts, focused on the design, development and manufacture of components and technology for the industrial automotive sector. Currently, it has more than 15,000 references of products in their catalogue from cooling systems, brake and suspension systems, transmission and power systems, electrical and electronic components and repair kits to the family of remanufactured products Cojali Reman, which promotes the sustainability and conservation of the environment by providing components with a second life.

As for Jaltest Diagnostics, the multi-brand and multi-system diagnostics equipment leader in the industry, it will present the latest innovations included in the version 22.2 of its diagnostics software for commercial vehicles, which allows performing in an easy and intuitive way the most advanced tasks of diagnostics and maintenance thanks to its constant update three times a year.

Besides, Jaltest Diagnostics will present at Automechanika Frankfurt, for the first time at global level, the new concept of diagnostics for the workshop 4.0: Jaltest Diagnostics AR , the first diagnostics system of Jaltest that integrates augmented reality, which will allow the technician to diagnose the electronic units of a vehicle and interact with them, consult technical information related and receive advanced technical assistance. All of this from the same place, simultaneously and without interrupting any task, and with total hands-free human-to-machine interaction.

Within the range of Jaltest solutions, there is also Jaltest Telematics, the fleet management tool for commercial vehicles that incorporates innovative capabilities such as multi-brand remote diagnostics or predictive maintenance. Through an on-board device, Jaltest Telematics is able to collect real data from the vehicle and its control units remotely and in real time, providing the user with exceptional power for fleet management.

In the stand of Jaltest Solutions, it is also possible to find the product range Jaltest Tools, designed to supply the workshop with high-quality professional equipment, in line with the current technology of commercial vehicles.

Lastly, it will be presented the training services for the workshop of Jaltest University, the training of Jaltest that can be followed in three modalities (on-site, online and webinar), being remarkable the online, with its interactive and renewed platform Jaltest E-learning.

José Ramón Serrano, Cojali’s CBO, states that “Automechanika is a magnificent opportunity to show the wide range of technological solutions developed and produced in Cojali, and which allows us to accompany our clients by focusing on covering their needs at global level and from a 360° perspective.”