WAŚ Illuminates India’s Vehicle Safety

Polish LED lighting manufacturer, WAŚ, has made a significant entrance into the Indian commercial vehicle lighting market, and the impact on vehicle safety is evident. Piotr Bartoszek, Export Manager at WAŚ, and Navneet Singh, Authorized Dealer for WAŚ LED Lights in India, provide valuable insights into their venture and the transformation it’s bringing to the country’s automotive landscape.

Piotr Bartoszek, representing WAŚ, expressed their unwavering commitment to producing high-quality LED lights, all made in Poland. Their product range caters to commercial vehicles, buses, construction machinery, and agriculture, offering an extensive variety of lights, including tail lights, headlights, work lights, and interior lighting. As Bartoszek highlights, “Our 45 years of experience, with 25 years in LEDs alone, ensures the longevity of our products, vital in the challenging conditions often faced by Indian vehicles.”

Navneet Singh, the Authorized Dealer for WAŚ LED Lights in India, emphasized the critical role of top-tier lighting in India’s commercial vehicles. In a market where short-term solutions often take precedence to meet fitness certification requirements, long-term maintenance and safety are frequently overlooked. Singh pointed out, “WAŚ ‘s entry into India has revealed a significant need for high-quality lighting. Despite a slightly higher price point, our quality and features, including a two-year warranty, IP6869 certification, and resistance to dust, humidity, and UV radiation, make our products irresistible to Indian fleet owners and personal car owners alike.”

Singh also shared that the response they’ve received in India has been exceptional. WAŚ offers an impressive selection of over 5000 products, including lights unique even in European or American markets. He stressed the importance of safety, saying, “The focus on safety is paramount, and our extensive range of lights caters to various vehicles, from large commercial fleets to personal cars. WAŚ ‘s products are built to last, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring a safer driving experience for all.”

Piotr Bartoszek concluded with a vision for the Indian market, expressing hope that it will increasingly appreciate the significance of high-quality products to enhance safety and reduce maintenance issues. He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to India, saying, “We are dedicated to focusing on India and tailoring products to meet the specific needs of the Indian market, making it a primary focus in the years to come.”

WAŚ ‘s entry into the Indian market is revolutionizing vehicle safety with top-quality LED lighting solutions that can endure the diverse and challenging conditions faced by Indian vehicles. With a commitment to safety and a comprehensive product range, WAŚ is paving the way for a safer and brighter future for India’s vehicles.