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Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo 2023 – Spotlight on solutions to improve fleet maintenance, uptime and TCO

The Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo 2023, held in Chennai, was a highly significant event for India’s commercial vehicle industry, and it featured several noteworthy aspects. Rajesh Rajgor had the privilege of reporting on the 7th edition of the expo, offering insights into this impactful event that showcased the latest advancements by companies exhibiting, in India’s commercial vehicle industry.

The Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo was not limited to trailers and tyres; it encompassed a wide spectrum of offerings within the commercial vehicle industry. This included everything from fasteners to lighting, trailer axles to hydraulics, connectors, roofing solutions, fuel and power take-offs (PTOs). The comprehensive nature of the event emphasized the critical importance of fleet maintenance, promoting increased uptime and better returns on investment. The emphasis on efficiency and innovation underscored the evolving landscape of commercial transportation in India.

One of the major highlights of the Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo 2023 expo; was the state-of-the-art aluminum trailer presented by Hindalco. This trailer, developed in collaboration with partners like Iyappa Aluminium Solutions, Hendrickson, and Fronius, exemplified cutting-edge technology and innovation in the commercial vehicle sector. The use of advanced materials and innovative design solutions showcased the industry’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Additionally, the expo featured a diverse range of companies and their key products, each contributing to the Indian commercial vehicle sector in unique ways. For instance, Edscha’s collapsible roof/side top systems have revolutionized the logistics industry by enhancing cost-efficiency and overall efficiency. Gro Digital Platforms is empowering truck operators with loyalty programs and GPS tracking solutions, effectively reducing operational costs. Omni Matrix’s focus on camera systems for safety and expanding product offerings is another example of industry progress. Velvex by NPL is dedicated to sustainable transportation through Adblue solutions and engine oils, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility. WAŚ LED Lights are at the forefront of vehicle safety with high-quality LED lighting solutions, ensuring safer journeys. Garima Industries leads in the production of bulker sidewall trailers and tip trailers with robust designs, catering to diverse transportation needs. ATS Elgi offers premium products to enhance commercial vehicle servicing. Road On Axles is dedicated to providing high-quality axles and suspensions, with localization plans to better serve the Indian market. New Star Industries provides quality fasteners, contributing to automotive and railway projects across India. HJ Axles aims to deliver competitive, high-quality single-piece axle tubes, addressing a specific need in the Indian market. Dent Masters Corporation is expanding its range of equipment for commercial vehicles and collaborating with OEMs, dealers, and fleet operators to enhance operational efficiency and maintenance practices.

The participation of diverse companies with various specialties illustrated the vibrant and evolving landscape of commercial transportation in India, more of which you can read on the subsequent pages.