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Dent Masters Corporation Expands Product Offerings for CVs

Riyaz Mitha, Owner of Dent Masters Corporation, discusses the company’s expansion into the commercial vehicle equipment sector, offering a diverse range of products. Previously focused on passenger vehicles, the company now specializes in lifting equipment, crash repair systems, AC recycling and recharging equipment, and wheel care services for trucks.

Riyaz emphasizes their gradual entry into the commercial vehicle industry, primarily over the last three years. They’ve successfully collaborated with manufacturers, gaining references for their lifting equipment and other offerings. Their goal is to introduce these products to various manufacturers and expand their dealer network.

He adds, “We’re working with manufacturers and introducing our products to their dealer network across the country. This is a continuous process, and we aim to be part of their dealer network too.”

Dent Masters Corporation partners with leading companies worldwide, such as VSG for lifting equipment, Spanesi for crash repair systems, Oksys for AC recycling and recharging equipment, and AC Hydraulics from Denmark for lifting equipment.

Riyaz highlights the flexibility of their partners in adapting to changing industry trends. Their focus is to introduce and demonstrate their products to OEMs and dealers, building a service network that includes installation, training, and maintenance.

Currently, the company concentrates on OEMs but sees opportunities with fleet operators, maintenance workshops, and large fleet operators. Riyaz cites advantages like reduced turnaround time and efficiency improvements. One of their unique products is the mobile column lift lifting system, entirely battery-operated and cable-free. Riyaz notes, “This is one of its kind in this industry. It’s totally battery-operated, flexible, and has garnered significant attention, even in the rail industry.”

Dent Masters Corporation maintains a warehouse in Mumbai and closely monitors supplies. Warranty coverage and a service team of 73 members ensure that customers receive the best support. Their primary focus remains on OEMs, leveraging partnerships and innovative products to build a strong presence in the commercial vehicle equipment sector