Edscha’s Decade of Product Excellence: Leveraging Innovation for India’s Logistics Sector

Dheepan Ramalingam, Managing Director of Ringfeder Power Transmission (India) Pvt Ltd., part of the VBG Group; discusses the remarkable journey of Edscha products. The focus here is on their innovative collapsible roof/side top systems and their transformative impact on the Indian logistics industry.

Dheepan reflects on the journey, emphasizing the gradual acceptance of Edscha’s cutting-edge collapsible roof/side top systems, which initially faced skepticism regarding theft protection and durability. Despite these initial concerns, these systems have gained tremendous popularity in India due to their cost-efficiency and efficiency.

“As the market evolves,” Dheepan notes, “the acceptability of our products has increased, enabling companies to use resources more efficiently while saving time and money. In a fiercely competitive market, this efficiency is paramount.”

Another notable trend is the increasing demand for Tipper roofs, with discussions shifting from prototype purchases to the potential for 50 roofs. Dheepan confidently predicts a promising future for this product in India’s logistics sector, especially in mining operations where these roofs have become mandatory. Furthermore, he shares exciting news about the company securing a prototype order from a multinational corporation, underscoring the growing demand for Edscha products. Dheepan believes that the Tipper roof market will surpass the commercial vehicle segment.

Localization of Edscha products has been a priority for Ringfeder in the price-sensitive Indian market. The recent acquisition of Rathi Transpower in Pune, a strategic move, is expected to expedite the localization process and make the products more cost-effective. “We are looking forward to bringing down the prices of our products, increasing their acceptability, and selling more roofs in the Indian market,” Dheepan explains.

Edscha’s product strategy extends beyond commercial vehicle roofs to encompass Tipper roofs and railway wagon roofs. With India’s railway sector expanding its role in logistics, collapsible roofing systems are seen as the ideal solution for efficient loading and unloading.

Recent years have witnessed a notable increase in the acceptance of their products, particularly after the pandemic. Fleet owners are now looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of their existing vehicles, and collapsible roofs offer a solution by reducing truck weight and increasing payload capacity. Dheepan addresses common concerns about theft and durability, emphasizing that their systems have advantages that outweigh traditional options and are changing the mindset of logistics and fleet owners.

In terms of installation, Edscha has streamlined the process, making it faster and more convenient for their customers. They offer training and support to bodybuilders, ensuring that the installation and maintenance of the roof systems are hassle-free.

With a decade of successful operation in the Indian market, Edscha has established a robust network to provide prompt service and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and reliability of their products. Dheepan believes that Edscha products, as part of the Ringfeder Power Transmission India, a subsidiary of VBG Group, have a promising future in India’s logistics sector, driven by their commitment to innovation and efficiency.