VELVEX Unveils Refreshed Product Line

Nandan Agrawaal, MD of Nandan Petrochem, discussed the evolution of the VELVEX brand in response to changing consumer demands at the ACMA Automechanika expo 2024. Agrawaal introduced a new range of synthetic motorcycle oils tailored for high-performance bikes, aligning with the dynamic Indian mobility landscape.

In Agrawaal’s words, “We are very positive that these new products will aid our overall aspirations for growth.” The ACMA Automechanika serves as a vital platform, allowing VELVEX to connect with automotive OEMs, aftermarket component suppliers, and channel partners. The expo provides an opportunity to showcase not only VELVEX products but also highlight the capabilities of its parent company, Nandan Petrochem.

Highlighting the importance of the youth in the aftermarket, Agrawaal explained the recent logo refresh and investments in the VELVEX brand. He stated, “Today, Gen Z plays a big role, and we are targeting the youth through brand refresh and communication.” The goal is to position VELVEX as a brand aligned with the aspirations of the youth.

In terms of market positioning, Agrawaal mentioned the robust performance in the two-wheeler and agricultural segments. VELVEX has been a significant player in the commercial vehicle space, particularly due to its leadership in the Adblue domain. The company is strategically expanding its product range to align with the evolving market demands.

Agrawaal discussed VELVEX’s advanced manufacturing setup with three plants and adherence to Industry 4.0 principles., emphasizing the extensive automation and adherence to quality standards. He highlighted VELVEX’s commitment to Industry 4.0 principles and plans to increase the number of manufacturing plants, showcasing a strong foundation for future growth.

Regarding OEM collaborations, Agrawaal emphasized that VELVEX is a solutions-driven company. He stated, “We’re not a product company; we’re a solutions company. VELVEX collaborates closely with OEMs to understand their challenges and offers tailored solutions, whether in lubricants, Adblue, or fuel economy enhancements.”