Steelbird Helmets is on a massive expansion spree, with plans to open 1,000 new Steelbird Riderz Shoppe by 2024

Steelbird Hi-tech India Limited, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, which has already opened 117 RiderZ Shoppe retail outlets across India, Bangladesh, and Cambodia, is now looking to expand its network by adding 1000 Steelbird Riderz Shoppe over the next two years.

Mr. Shailendra Jain, Global Group President, Steelbird Helmet stated that “Even though Steelbird has a sizable presence in multi-brand stores and a broad distribution network, we have come to the conclusion that we must adopt the direct marketing retail model in order to devote quality time to providing information about the items in the manner we want.

RiderZ Shoppe is a one-stop-shop solution for bikers with a range of all new and hi-tech helmets, riders’ jackets and suits, gloves, goggles, and pannier boxes, all available under one roof.

The helmet manufacturer stated that the goal is to deliver top-notch riding gear and a wide selection of ISI helmets right to the consumer’s home. In due course, the company will continue to launch new models of helmets and high-tech bike equipment in these stores. Through network growth, the company will be closer to its current and future customers. Over the next two years, it has aggressive expansion plans and aims to open 1,000 more Steelbird Riderz Shoppe in different geographies in India and across the border. It will continue to expand its network in this way.

Steelbird Riderz Shoppe offers customers a distinctive shopping experience because staff members are available to go over all the details and features of the products. According to Steelbird, these storefronts operate under the single-window solution philosophy, allowing customers to view the whole product selection at once.

In particular, due to ignorance about safe items that have been sufficiently tested to withstand an accident, the Indian helmet business is overrun with fake and inexpensive products that endanger the lives of innocent people.”

Additionally, he claimed that “India’s two-wheeler industry has the largest proportion of motorcycles, which has led to a massive market for riding accessories. However, when it comes to purchasing branded, high-quality riding gear, bikers scarcely have any options. He claimed that the business intended to close the gap and inform customers to choose high-quality products through Riderz Shop.

Hence, the major goal of expanding the Steelbird Riderz Shoppe is to promote the use of ISI-certified helmets and offer the best riding gear with a broad selection of products.”

It is noteworthy to mention that Steelbird already has a huge network of dealers and distributors across India and it is the only helmet company to have such exclusive stores.