Sigma’s OEM Prowess & Aftermarket Strategies

Preet Singh, Member of the Board of Management at Sigma Corporation, shed light on the company’s trajectory, emphasizing its dedication to vibration control products in the aftermarket, notably in India. He stated, “Sigma is now over 60 years old, and our first and foremost line of products is vibration control products.”

Singh highlighted Sigma’s role as a primary quality supplier for aftermarket products to German, Japanese, and American carmakers, showcasing the company’s expertise. “Sigma is known to be supplying aftermarket products for all German Japanese and American car makers,” he stated, underscoring their standing in the industry.

Addressing specific product lines, Singh outlined, “Engine mounts, strut mounts, and suspension bushings are the top three product lines for us in the aftermarket in India.” He explained the focus on higher-end applications, aligning with their capacity for more complex products designed for premium cars. Discussing market penetration, Singh delved into collaborations, stating, “We are closely working to develop a range of parts for Maruti Suzuki through their aftermarket channel.” He emphasized the importance of a separate aftermarket industry in India and the influx of global distribution companies, aligning with Sigma’s preparedness for future market dynamics.

Singh emphasized Sigma’s robust R&D and manufacturing setup dedicated to the aftermarket, enabling flexibility for small batch production. “We have a separate company and a separate profit Center which is focused on the aftermarket,” he said, highlighting their commitment to efficiently meeting aftermarket demands.

Reflecting on ACMA Automechanika, Singh expressed satisfaction, noting, “We happy to be here and continue our association with Automechanika.” He highlighted Automechanika’s significance globally in the aftermarket and Sigma’s enduring partnership with the brand. Revealing business proportions, Singh shared, “75% of our sales come from OEM, and 25% comes from the aftermarket.” He explained how this balance helps Sigma derisk itself and maintain stability in the dynamic automotive industry. This balanced approach exemplifies Sigma’s commitment to innovation, market strategy, and growth in both OE and aftermarket segments.