RMP Bearings Showcases Innovation and Expands Globally

Miten Makwana, Managing Director of RMP Bearings, highlighted the company’s focus on innovation and expansion during an interview at the ACMA Automechanika show. The key products showcased this year include steering columns, wheel hubs for HCVs and LCVs, and new wheel bearings for passenger cars with enhanced mileage efficiency. According to Makwana, the company is set to launch approximately 102 to 103 new products in the next 10 to 15 days. He emphasized the importance of meeting distributors, retailers, and global customers at the exhibition, as it serves as a crucial meeting point for the aftermarket industry.

In terms of global expansion, Makwana expressed the company’s goal to increase its portfolio in countries where they are not currently exporting. RMP Bearings has developed specialized products for different continents, considering varying weather and road conditions. One of the key products highlighted by Makwana is the wheel hub, crucial for truck divisions due to the importance of road networks in global transportation. The company has also focused on developing wheel bearings with improved mileage, reduced friction, and hassle-free performance.

Addressing the durability and performance of their components, Makwana mentioned their proprietary lubricant, a grease developed in collaboration with a German manufacturer. This unique composition is specifically tailored for RMP Bearings.

Regarding the domestic market, RMP Bearings excels in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler segments, consistently introducing 10 to 15 new products each month. Makwana emphasized their concentration on two-wheelers, given their prevalence and widespread use in India.

When asked about three-wheeler products, Makwana explained that products designed for two-wheelers often extend to three-wheelers, catering to the growing demand for last-mile deliveries in commercial use.

In response to the rising trend of electric vehicles (EVs), RMP Bearings has initiated business with an OEM, producing various components such as the Planet shaft and Holo shaft for EV drive motors.

Makwana revealed that RMP Bearings currently has more than 550 distributors in its domestic network. As for the manufacturing setup, the company boasts an in-house facility, allowing for better cost control and maintaining a focus on product development within the factory.

Makwana expressed his excitement about participating in the ACMA Automechanika show, emphasizing the company’s growth journey from an 18-square-meter booth to a substantial 160-square-meter booth. He highlighted the platform’s significance as a B2B opportunity, connecting with reliable suppliers and businesses looking for quality products like those offered by RMP Bearings.