Turtle Wax and Jagdamba Enterprises launch state-of-the-art Car Care Studio in Chennai

Turtle Wax Inc, the renowned Chicago-based car company, has joined hands with Jagdamba Enterprises Chennai to unveil an exceptional car care studio in Chennai recently. This cutting-edge facility is equipped with the latest Turtle Wax detailing technologies and staffed by a team of highly qualified and trained service professionals. The studio offers an extensive array of car detailing services and products meticulously crafted to satisfy the unique preferences of car enthusiasts.

Unmatched Specialization

While many car detailing showrooms primarily offer ceramic coating services, Turtle Wax stands out by offering graphene coating, an advanced alternative to traditional ceramic coatings. The multi-step graphene coating process includes normal polishing, glass polishing, and window polishing, ensuring a comprehensive treatment for every vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for new vehicles, which are prone to discoloration when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, leading to color fading.

Additionally, the studio provides Paint Protection Films (PPF) known for their scratch-resistant properties, available in three varieties – TPU, TPH, and others. Turtle Wax specializes in TPH PPF, offering a scratch-proof product with warranties ranging from five to ten years. PPF not only safeguards against scratches but also ensures that the paint on the vehicle’s body remains intact even in the event of a dent.

In terms of hardness, Turtle Wax’s graphene coating boasts a remarkable 10H rating, while their ceramic coating achieves a 7H rating, signifying a substantial difference in durability. The graphene coating package includes a three-year warranty, semi-annual top coatings, and yearly corrections. In addition, the studio provides graphene and ceramic treatments, paint chiller production, and paint sealants, each accompanied by its respective warranties and maintenance requirements.

Exceptional Services and Offerings

Apart from the standout coatings and treatments, the studio excels in delivering unique services such as trim restoration, windshield clarity enhancement for better night-time and rainy driving, and interior leather conditioning. For pet owners, the studio offers a dedicated kit to effectively remove pet hair from vehicle interiors. To eliminate unwanted odors, an odor eliminator is also available to provide immediate relief.

Inauguration Ceremony

The grand inauguration of Turtle Wax Car Care Studio in Chennai was graced by distinguished personalities, including Mr. Ranjit Pratap, Managing Director of Rayala Corporation Private Limited and President of the Historical Cars Association of India. Mr. Sajan Murali Puravangara, CEO of Turtle Wax Car Care India, was also present during the momentous occasion. The event was further attended by Mr. Naresh Saraf, Managing Director of Jagdamba Enterprises, Mrs. Seema Saraf and Mr. Janaki Lal.

With the establishment of this innovative car care studio, Turtle Wax and Jagdamba Enterprises have set a new standard for car enthusiasts in Chennai, offering a comprehensive range of services and advanced coating technologies that ensure the preservation and enhancement of vehicles.