Speedways Electric introduces Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Emigo UT4

Speedways Electric, a trailblazer in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, proudly introduces its new Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) Emigo UT4. A cutting-edge EV, the Emigo UT4 sets new benchmarks in performance, design, and sustainability, promising an unparalleled driving experience. Speedways Electric has secured a patent for this groundbreaking design, reinforcing our dedication to originality and the delivery of unique product offerings to the market.

Emigo UT4 boasts a formidable battery system that propels it to cover an impressive distance of up to 80 kilometers on a single charge. The Emigo UT4’s robust power source ensures a reliable and efficient ride. Equipped with a 5kw motor, right-hand drive steering wheel, and 145/70 tires, the Emigo UT4 promises a smooth and powerful driving experience. The battery options include lead acid or Lithium Ion for added versatility. With a maximum speed of 35km/h for campus and a customizable design, the Emigo UT4 caters to diverse preferences and requirements.

Designed for stability, strength, and comfort, the Emigo UT4 stands out with its alloy wheels, MacPherson suspension, and a generous payload capacity of 1000kg. Its dimensions – L: 3670mm, W: 1190mm, H: 1710mm, and a wheelbase of 2570mm – reflect a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

The newly launched product promotes a noise-free and eco-friendly operation. It stands out as an environmentally conscious choice, offering cost-effective performance. A distinctive feature of the Emigo UT4 is its extensive customization options, allowing clients to personalize the design according to their specific preferences. Speedways Electric’s in-house design team is committed to fulfilling each customization request, ensuring that every Emigo UT4 becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The Emigo UT4 is offered in three vibrant colors: Windsor White, Canary Yellow, and Regal Red.

Speedways Electric, has earned international acclaim for setting industry standards in quality. The CE certified product range has garnered a significant market share in the LSEV category. Speedways Electric is proud to serve a diverse client base across the Americas, European Union, Asia, and the Middle East.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, Speedways Electric has established a novel servicing onsite mechanism, ensuring top-notch maintenance and assistance. The company’s commitment extends beyond the product, providing a comprehensive and reliable after-sales support system.

Sumit Aneja, Founder of Speedways Electric, expressed his enthusiasm for the Emigo UT4, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Emigo UT4, a revolutionary electric vehicle that not only redefines the standards of performance and design but also epitomizes our commitment to sustainability. With the UT4, we are not just launching a new product; we are unveiling a driving experience that transcends expectations and embraces the future of mobility.” He further added, “The Emigo UT4 is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement – a statement that the future of driving is here, and it’s electric, extraordinary, and environmentally conscious.”

In a market flooded with options, the Emigo UT4 stands out as a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and performance. Emigo UT4 is currently accessible for campuses, but the company is gearing up to introduce the road version, boasting a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

 The Emigo UT4 (Patented) is priced competitively, starting from INR 4,90,000/- making it a preferred choice for industries and businesses.