“Organization, Standardization, Digitization are key for the aftermarket”

N. Balasubramanian of Aftermarket & Service caught up with the Rama Shanker Pandey, Chairman, ACMA Aftermarket Committee, and CEO, Tata Green Batteries, at the event to get his insights based on his vast experience and market understanding, and the humane approach he brings along with him on the automotive industry and the ecosystem. Below are excerpts from the interaction.

ACMA Automotive Aftermarket Expo in Coimbatore
The ACMA Automotive Aftermarket Expo is a significant event that reflects the industry’s evolution. Traditionally, we witnessed the Auto Expo in Delhi, where SIAM, ACMA and CII at Pragati Maidan hosted both components and vehicle displays. However, there was a growing desire to reach smaller towns and cities outside Delhi. This led to the creation of the aftermarket expo. It’s all about enhancing the vehicle ownership experience for consumers while respecting and exploring the vast aftermarket industry.

The Event’s Main Purpose
The purpose of the ACMA Aftermarket Expo is to establish a vertical integration of relationships. It’s not only about our relationship with OEMs as customers but also reaching their customers – the consumers. This expo allows various aftermarket brands to come together. It started in Guwahati and has since travelled to various cities, including Patna, Namakkal, Mumbai, Pune, and Coimbatore. Coimbatore, in particular, holds enormous potential across all vehicle segments.

Response to the Event
We are delighted with the response we’ve received, both from participants and stakeholders in the aftermarket industry. The aftermarket relies heavily on distributors, retailers, mechanics, and technicians. As the responsible body for this industry, ACMA aims to organize, standardize, and digitize it. This includes providing certifications, standardizing parts, workshops, and garages, as well as enhancing skills, often in collaboration with the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC).

Vision for the Aftermarket Industry
The primary vision for the aftermarket industry is organization, standardization, and digitization. By implementing these changes, we aim to create trust and faith among consumers. Trust is paramount because consumers invest a significant amount in their vehicles, and they should have the right to make informed choices about their vehicle maintenance and repairs.

ACMA Aftermarket Expo’s Contribution to the Industry
The expo aligns with the “right to repair” philosophy, supported by the Indian government and various international associations. It ensures that consumers can make informed decisions about where they get value for their money. The expo fosters participation from mechanics, technicians, distributors, and more, making it a resounding success.

Message for the Aftermarket Fraternity
My message to the entire aftermarket fraternity is centred on enhancing trust and transparency. Whether you are a garage, workshop, distributor, or manufacturer, be transparent to customers and build trust. Provide options and information to customers, so they can make informed choices. Transparency and information are essential in building trust within the industry.

Trust and transparency are vital in the aftermarket industry because they help consumers feel secure in their choices. When we provide information and explanations, you empower consumers to make educated decisions about their vehicle maintenance. The role of automotive media in disseminating knowledge and information is equally crucial in building trust within the industry.

Celebrating the Aftermarket Industry
The aftermarket industry is an essential service that plays a significant role in keeping vehicles safe on the road and driving India’s transportation. It’s a celebrated industry, and it’s important that we take pride in our contributions. ACMA is working to create an ecosystem where we can celebrate the industry and ensure trust among all stakeholders.