Suprajit on tech transformation to become future-ready

ACMA Aftermarket Expo @ Coimbatore

Suprajit, a leading home-grown supplier of auto components made an impressive display of products at the event. Lokendra Prakash Gautam, Head – Aftermarket, Suprajit Engineering Ltd., speaks exclusively to Aftermarket & Service, about the company’s product showcase at the fair, its commitment to technological innovation and customer-driven growth.

Suprajit’s primary aim was to use the ACMA Aftermarket Show as a platform to showcase its products, expand its network through distributors, dealers, and mechanics, and to emphasize its commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric growth.

Shares Gautam, “We have a diverse range of products on display. Notably, we are the third largest manufacturer of Halogen bulbs globally, with offerings for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Additionally, we have ventured into LED lighting with in-house manufacturing, and have become leaders in the aftermarket segment. LED options are available for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.”

In the LED category, Suprajit offers a variety of options. For two-wheelers, it has the high-wattage 35-watt LEDs, including the blue tip and platinum series. It also offers a wide range of LED lighting for four-wheelers to cater to different needs.

In addition to bulbs and LED lighting, Suprajit manufactures a wide array of automotive products, including different types of wiper blades for all segments. It has a global presence, serving not only in India but also in countries like Brazil, the US, and the UK. Furthermore, Suprajit has made significant acquisitions including Wescon Cables and few others, allowing it to expand its offering in categories like instrument clusters and a wide range of cables, brake pads, brake shoes, and filters for the automotive industry.

“We understand the importance of staying ahead in terms of technology. That’s why we are currently undergoing a technology transformation to meet the future needs of our customers and vehicles. We are continuously assessing customer requirements and adjusting our development cycles and technology accordingly”, explains Gautam.