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Shradha Suri Marwah takes over as new ACMA President

The Automotive Component Manufacturers’ Association of India (ACMA) is poised for a transformative journey as it welcomes new leaders to guide the industry into the future. In an announcement that holds significant promise for the Indian auto component sector, ACMA introduces Shradha Suri Marwah as the President and Vikrampati Singhania as the Vice President for the 2023-25 term.

Shradha Suri Marwah: A Visionary Leader for a Sustainable Future

Shradha Suri Marwah, renowned as the Chairperson & Managing Director of Subros Limited, a key supplier of automotive air-conditioning systems to vehicle manufacturers in India, steps into the prestigious role of President at ACMA. With a distinguished career in the automotive industry, she brings a vision that centers on key strategic areas. This includes expanding India’s footprint in the global market through component exports, fostering an inclusive industry that thrives on diverse talent, accelerating the localization of components for faster and quicker production, and ensuring environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain—a sustainable value chain. Under Ms. Shradha Suri Marwah’s guidance, ACMA is poised to make substantial progress in these vital domains.

Vikrampati Singhania: A Strategic Leader for Growth

Vikrampati Singhania, the Managing Director of J.K. Fenner (India) Ltd., assumes the role of Vice President at ACMA. With a track record of dynamic leadership in the automotive sector, he brings strategic acumen and a commitment to excellence. His appointment ensures that ACMA continues to thrive and drive growth, both domestically and globally.

A Pivotal Moment for ACMA

This new leadership team not only brings a wealth of experience but also a shared vision for innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity within the industry. As the auto component sector continues to evolve, ACMA stands ready to lead the way, driving growth and innovation that benefits both the nation and the global automotive community.

ACMA, representing over 850 manufacturers and contributing significantly to the industry’s turnover, recognizes the critical role of strong leadership in advancing its mission. With Ms. Shradha Suri Marwah and Mr. Vikrampati Singhania at the helm, ACMA is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of the Indian auto component industry.

Vinnie Mehta on the Appointments

Vinnie Mehta, Director General of ACMA, expressed his delight in announcing these significant appointments. He stated, “We are delighted to have Shradha Suri Marwah and Vikrampati Singhania as the new President and Vice President of ACMA. On behalf of the entire auto components industry, I welcome both industry stalwarts and look forward to their leadership in advancing the industry’s agenda.” He further emphasized Shradha Marwah’s wealth of experience and stellar track record in the automotive sector, highlighting her visionary leadership and commitment to excellence.

Accepting her new role, Shradha Suri Marwah stated, “I am truly honored to assume the presidency of ACMA at a juncture when our industry is witnessing remarkable growth. ACMA continues to play a pivotal role in driving the transformative agenda to ensure our members’ future relevance. Enhancing industry competitiveness and promoting exports, fostering deep localization, driving innovation and R&D, championing sustainability, and advancing diversity and inclusiveness, among others, will be our key thrust areas as we work towards India becoming a global automotive manufacturing hub. We are grateful for the unwavering support and commitment of our government in this endeavor.”

The stage is set for ACMA to embark on an exciting journey under the leadership of Ms. Shradha Suri Marwah and Mr. Vikrampati Singhania, with a clear vision to drive growth, innovation, and sustainability within the Indian auto component industry.