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JOST to showcase cutting-edge product lineup at Transpotec 2024

JOST, a world-leading producer and supplier of safety-critical systems for the commercial vehicle industry, is set to showcase its latest advancements at Transpotec 2024, scheduled to take place from May 8 to 11 in Milan. Visitors to JOST’s stand, G21 H28 in hall 22P, will have the opportunity to explore innovations like the Drawbar Finder to time-tested solutions such as the Modul landing gears. As part of the exhibition, JOST will install the Truck Stop Corner, an interactive space where attendees can engage in daily sessions featuring practical animations highlighting the significance of maintenance and technical expertise. Preventive maintenance gives the advantage to maintain the best security and performance level during the JOST product life cycle. Live demonstrations of the innovative KKS automatic coupling system with the new King Pin Finder on the outdoor area are also part of JOST’s presentation.

“We are pleased to be represented once again at the Transpotec, where the energy of transition of the commercial vehicle industry is perceptible. Our focus of products and innovation is on safety and efficiency. JOST will present for example intelligent assistance systems which support truck drivers in their daily work,”, said Francesco Zucco, Managing Director JOST Italia. “At our stand we will shine a spotlight on the importance of preventive maintenance. At JOST we offer training workshops and with the JOST Truck Stop video series at YouTube useful tutorials, all geared towards enhancing maintenance practices. By embedding this philosophy into our stand with daily animations showcasing the replacement and mounting of parts on JOST products, we aim to underscore the value of proactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is not just about avoiding breakdowns; it is a strategic labor advantage that cuts costs by minimizing the number of parts replaced and reducing unexpected downtime for vehicles.”

Automatic coupling system KKS with the new KKS-U Connector: faster, safer, more efficient

The KKS enables drivers to couple and uncouple semi-trailers via remote control without leaving the driver’s cabin, automatically, safely and quickly. The driver is guided through the entire coupling process, with sensor technology providing live information on the KKS remote control throughout every step of the process. For example, the support plate sensor indicates that the trailer plate is touching and the position of the king pin is also monitored by sensors. Climbing out of the cabin to manually open the fifth wheel, cranking down the landing gear and manually connecting the spiral cable, air and brake connections are all a thing of the past for drivers. Time, comfort and safety gains are made possible with just one product. With the KKS JOST aims to set new benchmarks for performance and reliability in the transportation industry.

The KKS also stands for the future of logistics and is a key component of autonomous driving. Alongside the exhibit at the stand, there will also be live demonstrations at the Transpotec: Visitors can see the automatic coupling process for themselves every day on the outdoor area.

At the Transpotec JOST will present another innovation of the KKS – the KKS-U Connector: The KKS-U Connector is retrofittable to existing trailers that are already on the roads of this world. This means that existing trailers can be equipped with a KKS system with little effort. The KKS-U connector controls all the mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic connections between the truck and trailer, eliminating the need for vulnerable air, electrics and ABS/EBS spiral lines.

JOST King Pin Finder: new assistance system

As an innovation, JOST will be presenting the King Pin Finder in Milan, a camera integrated in the fifth wheel coupling that supports the coupling process by sending optimum images to the dashboard in the driver’s cabin. Securely integrated into the fifth wheel coupling, the JOST King Pin Finder provides assistance during coupling, thereby enhancing both safety and convenience. This latest assistance system allows the driver to find the ideal coupling height and to manoeuvre the truck perfectly, even when approaching at an angle. The King Pin Finder assists by displaying a live camera image in the driver’s cabin when driving backwards, making the coupling process considerably easier. On top of this, the system’s intuitive handling assists drivers when changing trailers – thereby preventing accidents and damage to the fifth wheel coupling and king pin, as well as the truck and trailer. The JOST solution specifically addresses the driver shortage not only by safety enhancement, but it also reduces the departure control time.

Drawbar Finder: the smart solution for the coupling process

ROCKINGER will exhibit a further innovation in Milan in the form of the Drawbar Finder. Here, a camera sits in a central and protected position above the towing hitch, functioning as an extra set of eyes and preventing misalignment of the drawbar eye. By providing both horizontal and vertical guidance, it enables precise coupling, which in turn raises efficiency and helps prevent accidents. The driver no longer needs to get out of the truck to check that the drawbar eye is aligned correctly. It is therefore a practical tool for coupling processes, which is a particular advantage when using central axle trailers.

JOST CSA and TRIDEC EF-S: Command Steer Axle with electronic steering system

Tight depots, narrow city streets and a 16.5-meter-long trailer that needs to be steered safely – all challenges that push conventional axle systems to their limits and demand a command steer axle. Following the successful market launch of the CSA with the 9-tonne version, a 10-tonne axle has been added to the portfolio in 2023. Like the 9T, the CSA 10T can also be used in all conventional steering systems whether mechanical, hydraulic or electronic. It impresses with outstanding performance characteristics and in particular the lowest roll radius. This has a positive effect on the actuation force, which is up to 70 per cent lower than that of comparable axles as a result. Additional batteries are rendered obsolete and there is greater flexibility when designing steering systems. The low space requirement of the CSA is unparalleled, enabling smaller mud guard designs and thus wholly new vehicle designs, even when space is tight.

The JOST CSA is perfectly tailored to TRIDEC-brand steering systems: the TF mechanical system, the HF and HF-E hydraulic systems and the EF-S electronic steering system, with which the CSA can be seen at Solutrans. Up to three JOST CSA axles can be used. The steering angle can be easily adapted to the available space for installation and the required maneuverability.

TP-O Low: swivel axle suspension

The brand TRIDEC will present its new swivel axle suspension TP-O Low, opening up a new market for independent trailer manufacturers. With suspension travel of 600 mm, the TP-O Low offers the lowest ride height with 12 tonnes per axle line, combined with a greater steering angle than any other suspension solution.

JOST World stand: Hall 22P / stand G21 H28