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GS Caltex India launches 3rd edition of #gaadikedoctor campaign to honor mechanics

A digital campaign for unsung heroes beneath the hoods and behind the wheel

GS Caltex India, a leading premium lubricant company, is marking its 14th Anniversary in India by launching the 3rd edition of the #GaadiKeDoctor campaign. This campaign, dedicated to the unsung heroes behind the wheel and beneath the hoods, celebrates the invaluable contribution of vehicle mechanics.

In recognizing the significance of mechanics in our daily lives, GS Caltex India celebrates 2nd February as ‘National Mechanic’s Day,’ to coincide with its 14th anniversary. The company acknowledges and honors mechanics for their pivotal role in ensuring roadworthy and safe vehicles for all. GS Caltex has gained prominence in India for its premium lubricants, catering to both B2B and B2C segments.

To commemorate this occasion, GS Caltex has released a campaign ad film on Mechanics Day across digital platforms. The campaign emotionally connects with mechanics, portraying their understanding of automobiles as living entities and positioning them as ‘Gaadi Ke Doctor.’

This campaign serves as an ode to the dedication, resilience, and expertise of mechanics. It recognizes that every turned bolt and diagnosis reflects their skill and unwavering commitment to keeping our wheels turning at all hours. Mechanics, in the eyes of GS Caltex, are not just fixers of machines but architects of reliability, creators of safety, and custodians of memories.

As GS Caltex completes 14 years in India, the company wishes to express gratitude to every mechanic in the country. This is the 3rd consecutive year that GS Caltex is celebrating February 2nd, which is their Foundation Day as National Mechanics Day, a day dedicated to appreciating and recognizing the vital role mechanics play in our lives.

K Madhu Mohan, General Manager – Marketing, GS Caltex India, shared, “Completing 14 years is a glorious feat for any brand. With GS Caltex nearing that milestone, we wanted to celebrate it with grandeur and give back to the mechanic community that makes us who we are. Mechanic’s Day is more than a celebration; it’s the recognition that mechanics deserve, and GS Caltex is proud to be the pioneer of this movement. So, here’s to the grease-streaked hands that work tirelessly, the eyes that keenly inspect, and the hearts that beat for the smooth purr of a finely tuned engine. In every rattle they silence, every engine they revive, they weave a story of reliability, dependability, and trust.”

The film pays tribute to mechanics’ extraordinary dedication, showcasing their commitment around the clock, even during odd hours and emergencies. It captures scenes of mechanics responding to breakdowns, working tirelessly in dimly lit garages, and swiftly coming to the rescue. The narrative emphasizes their commendable nature as guardians of safe travels, ready to address any issue. The film highlights instances where mechanics showcase expertise, restoring vehicles in various challenging situations. Emotional moments underscore the relief and gratitude of those whose journeys are saved by these dedicated professionals. Through powerful visuals and testimonials, the film conveys that mechanics are essential partners in ensuring the safety and reliability of every journey, transcending their role as mere service providers.