Dagna plots aggressive aftermarket expansion with OE-quality products

ACMA Aftermarket Expo @ Coimbatore

Dagna Auto Parts made its presence felt at the show, reaching out to all key stakeholders in the aftermarket space. In an exclusive chat with Aftermarket & Service, Benu Walia, Director – Marketing, Dagna Auto Parts, gave insights into Dagna’s product offerings, the significance of its gear shifter products and unique qualities of its rubber and metal bonded bushes.

Starting off with an update on Dagna’s participation in the expo, Walia states, “We are already well-established in the southern region, but events like this provide an excellent opportunity to expand our network further. We aim to connect with workshops, mechanics, and retailers who are often inaccessible through other means. These platforms allow us to engage with a diverse audience, understand their needs, and strengthen our presence at the ground level.”

Outlining Dagna’s product offerings, he shares, “Dagna specializes in manufacturing rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts, suspension bushing kits, leaf springs bushes, truck mounts with retainers, engine mounts, hydro mounts, and gearbox mounts. Additionally, we have recently introduced a new range of shocker kits.”

Talking about the growing importance of gear shifters and its relevance in the aftermarket, he shares, “Gear shifters are rapidly becoming the future of the automotive industry in India. While many vehicles now incorporate gear shifter cables, the aftermarket often lacks quality parts. We recognize this gap and see it as a tremendous opportunity to provide high-quality gear shifter products in the market. All our offerings adhere to OEM designs and standards, and we possess the necessary design and testing facilities to meet these specifications.”

According to Walia, Dagna’s rubber and metal bonded bushes are designed to withstand stress and temperature fluctuations. “Unlike many other aftermarket products, we produce these bushes slightly oversized and then apply a squeezing operation to create distinctive lines on the outer surface. This process reduces stress within the rubber, significantly increasing the endurance and lifespan of the part. This innovative approach is not commonly found in the aftermarket”, he explains.