Shoora makes solid start, plans for prudent product addition and network expansion

ACMA Aftermarket Expo @ Coimbatore

Shoora, an emerging home-grown component supplier, entered the market around a year back, opening up to the market at Auto Expo in January. Since then, the company has been delivering products to customers and has appointed around 40 distributors across India. The company showcased an impressive range of products at the ACMA show in Coimbatore, wooing potential distribution partners for the Southern region.

Pritpal Singh, Sales Head – Aftermarket (West Zone), Shoora Automotive, said, “We specialize in aftermarket shock absorbers, which come in three types: complete assembly, damper without spring, and rear shock absorber. We cover the entire range of shock absorbers, both gas-filled which accounts for nearly 90% of the market, and also oil-filled. Our aim is to introduce at least one new product model every month, positioning ourselves as strong competitor in the near future.” Shoora’s current product offering covers most vehicle models of leading passenger car OEMs including Maruti, Hyundai, Honda and Tata Motors.

Talking about the company’s strategy, Singh shared, “We are not rushing to compete with others. We believe in taking our time, possibly another year, to carefully expand into vacant areas. Additionally, we are expanding our workforce and have recently added 4 to 5 employees, with plans to hire some more in the coming months. Currently, we have a strong presence in the Maruti range, covering approximately 55 to 60 percent of the market pan India. We are making steady progress and would like to continue the same.”

S. K. Nagpal, Business Advisor – Aftermarket, Shoora Automotive, shared, “Our production facility, located in Faridabad, operates based on OE designs. We produce what is required as per the OE design. In the first year, our target was to achieve approximately Rs. 9 crores in business, and we are on track with the support of our 40 distributors. We plan to expand our distributor network to 150 outlets throughout the country by the end of this year, and our production capacity is prepared to meet this challenge.”