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ATS ELGI – Fully geared up for the future of vehicle servicing

ATS ELGI is the largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment in India, offering a wide range of garage equipment. A six-decade-old company in the field of vehicle servicing, ATS ELGI is now gearing up the huge technological changes in the automotive sector. In this interview with Balasubramanian, Praveen Tiwari, Managing Director, ATS ELGI, shares his views on the changing trends in the vehicle service business in India and how his company is adapting to the same with new product introductions to stay ahead of the competition.

New Products from ATS ELGI

ATS ELGI is a frontrunner when it comes to automotive service equipment; innovation has always been the key. And this innovation has been in tune with how the automotive industry has constantly changed over the years. We have much more advanced automobiles coming in and what follows this is the other facilities or equipment. For instance, as we progress there is an increasing requirement for diagnostic equipment. Customers would like to know what is wrong with their vehicles and it is here that the diagnostic equipment plays a crucial role. As a result, we have come up with touch-free alignment diagnostic equipment. Within 30 seconds it provides details about the car alignment situation and thereby adds to the productivity of a workshop or a tyre shop. It also provides a solution for how to take care of the problem.

Catering to the EV Space

The battery of a vehicle is a very critical component and is also related to safety because it involves 400-500 volts of energy and heavy in weight. Therefore, we have developed a battery lifter. When the car comes in for service at a workshop and if the battery has to be replaced, our equipment helps to remove the battery with ease. Ac Compressor used in EV/ Hybrid Vehicles works on electric driven which requires different grade of oil as compared to normal vehicle. To handle 2 different AC Compressor oils we developed a new AC Recovery machine.

Given the changing scenario in the automotive industry, we are engaged in making equipment that can work for both regular as well as electric cars. We have also gone into providing insulated tools required to service an electric car. At ATS ELGI, the focus is on providing single-stop solutions for a workshop. We live in the age of the internet and therefore information must be quick and easily accessible.

Importance of Vehicle Diagnostics

Today we live in an era where we cannot afford to have our vehicles break down while driving. So pre-emptive things are very important and therefore in the last four to five years, we have invested in a big way in the diagnosis field. The most recent is the wheel diagnosis equipment before which we came up with diagnostic equipment which can test your suspensions, sideslip and brake efficiency even before your vehicle enters the workshop. We have supplied almost 200 test lane equipment to Nexa workshops where all this data is made available within minutes. 

This equipment needs no human touch. All such developments are relevant because of the changing government rules. For example, the rule for commercial vehicles is that the fitness certificate is valid only for two years after which your vehicle has to go to the RTO office. So far, the fitness certificate was being issued on a manual basis. Now the government is coming out with completely automated test centres. It will diagnose the entire car automatically and the data will go to the Vahan Portal and RTO server will issue the certificate. We have invested in this setup to service the industry far better. The clearer the diagnosis, the faster can be the support given to the customer in terms of resolving the issues. 

Absorption of Technology in the Indian Market

The absorption of IT in India has increased tremendously. Today you see electronics in everything: some datamatics connect the equipment to the owner of the workshop. Survival depends on how you adapt to the latest technologies. And, as a result, we are making our equipment IOT-connected. It’s very simple and you can get an app and download all the information. There are some great advantages. For example, the app will remind you about various pre-emptive steps that you need to take for your car so that the driving experience is trouble-free at all times. The digital tyre pressure monitor is one such thing. All this adds to the overall ecosystem of educated customers and we are spurred to take all such revolutionary changes to the next level.