Asiabike Jakarta takes the fast lane with global organisers and Eurobike connections

Accelerating into the heart of Southeast Asia’s two-wheeled vehicle industry next year, the inaugural fair is scheduled to run from 30 April – 4 May at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo). A key pillar of its success will be the fusion of global, regional, and local networks, courtesy of a strategic alliance between Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, Periklindo (Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association), Pt. Dyandra Promosindo and Jiangsu Bicycle Co Ltd. This collaboration aims to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the industry, capitalising on Eurobike’s legacy and the extensive reach of the four organisers.

Highlighting the benefits of the new alliance, Ms Wendy Wen, Managing Director, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, explains: “Together we will bring a diverse range of international participants to Asiabike Jakarta. This will not only stimulate the local economy through investment opportunities, but also foster the growth and development of two-wheelers including the e-bike sector in Indonesia.”

A key driver of the new venture will be sustainability according to Ms Wen. “Messe Frankfurt has a long-standing commitment to sustainability. One notable example of this is Eurobike, a leading trade fair with a strong focus on eco-friendly mobility solutions including electric two-wheelers. Our connections here align perfectly with the Indonesian government’s initiatives to promote sustainability and electric mobility, and we see an opportunity for Asiabike Jakarta to contribute positively to this mission. The aim is to introduce a wider range of product options to the Indonesian market that not only meet the mobility needs of the population, but do so in an environmentally friendly way.”

Delivering more innovation and technology for the Indonesian market

In addition to support from Eurobike, efforts are underway to attract some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of electric-two wheelers from the world’s biggest markets. One example is Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd’s strategic alliance with the Jiangsu Bicycle Co Ltd, also the organiser of the trade fair China E-Bike.

This collaboration will bring an even larger contingent of innovative electric two-wheeled products to the Jakarta show, providing a further boost to the development of this sector in the region. With a valuation of USD 8.7 billion  last year, the market in Indonesia is poised to grow at a CAGR of 2.8% between 2024 – 2028, owing to urbanisation and a burgeoning middle class.

Discussing the potential of the new fair, General. (ret.) Dr Moeldoko S.I.P., Chairman of Periklindo (Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association) says: “In 2024, Asiabike Jakarta will showcase the latest innovations in cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally responsible two-wheeled transportation. It’s expected to be at the forefront of innovation in Indonesia’s electric vehicle industry. In 2024, Periklindo, in partnership with Messe Frankfurt HK Ltd, aims to establish a credible platform for business meetings and increase foreign investment in electric vehicles in Indonesia.”

The fair’s unique positioning will be further strengthened by its strategic co-location with the Periklindo Electronic Vehicle Show – dedicated exclusively to the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem. Mr Daswar Marpaung, President Director of Pt. Dyandra Promosindo explains: “The Periklindo Electronic Vehicle Show stands as one of the largest industry trade fairs in Indonesia. Together with Asiabike Jakarta, the two shows will leverage each other’s resources and maximise visitor efficiencies. This collaboration will foster stronger business cooperation while maximising the exchange of technological know-how.”

Asiabike Jakarta is organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, Periklindo (Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association), Pt. Dyandra Promosindo and Jiangsu Bicycle Co Ltd. For more details, visit