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Huge success of Madurai Auto Expo 2023 reflects growing aftermarket opportunities

The Auto Expo 2023, jointly organized by The Tamil Nadu Automobile and Allied Industries Federation (TAAIF) and The Tamil Nadu Motor Parts Dealers Association (TMPDA) in Madurai from 30th September 2023 to 2nd October 2023, was a tremendous success.

The success of the show can be mainly attributed to the unity, hard work, and team effort of the Association members, coupled with the significant contribution from the TVS group. The Expo attracted more than 100 exhibitors and a record number of visitors from all over.

Sharath Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director of Trichur Sundaram Santhanam & Family Private Limited, who inaugurated the exhibition in his inaugural address, praised the organizers for their excellent teamwork. He also highlighted Madurai’s unique distinction of efficiently managing family-owned businesses by second and third-generation family members for decades. Tamil Nadu is one of the major states dealing in genuine spare parts, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and employment generation, Sharath added.

Referring to the various changes taking place in the automotive sector, Sharath pointed out that policies like vehicle scrappage and the usage of alternative fuels would make our country greener and more environmentally friendly. However, he noted that internal combustion engines are likely to continue their existence for many more years due to the challenges faced by the electric vehicle segment.

Sharath also reaffirmed the full commitment of the TVS group to supporting the entire automobile trade, maintaining a strong reputation for several decades.

In his special address, G. Srinivasa Raghavan, Managing Director of TVS Automobile Solutions, acknowledged the vital role of dealers in TVS’s success journey. He emphasized the rapid changes in the auto sector, now occurring every five years due to technological advancements. With a strong focus on electric vehicles, TVS Mobility has been dealing with around 20 EV-related products in the last two years.

Addressing the gathering, K. Saravanasundaram, Joint Managing Director of Roots Industries India Private Limited, expressed his happiness in participating in the Auto Expo, which serves as the meeting point for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and mechanics, among others.
In his brief address, T. Giriprasad, President of Rane Aftermarket Business, complimented the organizers for their excellent arrangements.