ZF Ready with End-to-End Solutions for Aftermarket

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Ramachandra Puttanna, Vice President of ZF Aftermarket, India Region, talks about ZF’s pioneering initiatives to redefine the aftermarket experience. We bring you excerpts from what the aftermarket expert had to share.

From Spare Parts to Solutions
ZF Aftermarket is not just in the business of spare parts; it’s on a mission to revolutionize the industry. Our extensive product line-up includes a full range of commercial vehicle parts and cutting-edge parts for passenger cars that are manufactured at our Pune plant. With our world-renowned brands such as Lemforder, Sachs, TRW, and the ever-familiar WABCO, ZF’s offerings are synonymous with quality.

Proactive vs Reactive Approach
The aftermarket landscape has metamorphosed over the past decade, transitioning from a reactive model to a proactive, connected paradigm. While spare parts distribution remains a cornerstone, ZF envisions a future where understanding and fulfilling customer needs proactively take center stage. We have evolved from a mere parts supplier to a comprehensive end-to-end solution provider for the aftermarket.

A Platform for Transformation
Participating in ACMA Automechanika, ZF aims to forge meaningful partnerships with customers. The focus is not just on improving spare parts supply chains but on offering tangible benefits. Retailers can expect enhanced efficiency and cash rotation, distributors gain from proximity to materials and increased RoI, while fleet operators stand to optimize their fleet management through our connected solutions.

Beyond Spare Parts
ZF’s commitment extends far beyond the traditional role of spare parts providers. We will soon be launching workshop services in India, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to addressing customer needs. The vision is clear – ZF aims to be recognized not just as a supplier but as a holistic solution provider.

A Broad Spectrum of Offerings
The spectrum of ZF’s offerings is vast, catering to trade channel customers, direct customers, fleet operators, and OEMs. We will be engaging closely with mechanics / end customers through diagnostic tools & services and workshop capabilities, and with the OES customers thanks to the reliability our OE pedigree provides.