Uno Minda unveils range of commercial vehicle filters powered by Roki

Just like we need nostrils to breathe clean air.  An automobile’s engine needs high quality filters to function properly and extract optimum performance. The engine and other costly internal components of an automobile can easily be corroded by pollutants such as dirt, dust, and other debris. The air filters act as an effective barrier against them, ensuring the engine’s and other critical components’ efficiency and longevity. However, the locally available filters not only are ineffective against small particles but also can damage costly engine components. Thus, Uno Minda, a leading Tier 1 supplier of Proprietary Automotive Solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has introduced a promising range of automotive filters in the Indian aftermarkets for commercial vehicles, consisting of air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter.  Harnessing the power of cutting-edge Japanese technology, this superior range of commercial vehicle filters is manufactured in collaboration with Roki, a Japanese leader in producing automotive filtration equipment. ROKI-UNO MINDA’s manufacturing processes meet the highest industry standards, thereby demonstrating their commitment to producing long-lasting and superior quality filters. 

The latest Uno Minda car filters, which block even fine particles, improve performance and reduce wear and tear of engine components. The air filter is designed to effectively safeguard the engine against impurities, whereas the fuel filter is designed to screen out dust & dirt particles and water content from the fuel which can have adverse effects on the fuel injection & engine components. Finally, the oil filter reduces wear and tear caused by impurities in engine oil. All three filters shall work in tandem to extend engine life, reduce fuel consumption, and provide a more comfortable driving experience. 

According to Mr. Anand Kumar, Head of Product & Strategy, Aftermarket Domain, Uno Minda Ltd. “We at Uno Minda, believe that commercial vehicles have a huge role in the Indian economy as they ensure timely material transportation across nations. We came in contact with a lot of commercial vehicle owners to understand their major pain points related to their vehicle. The most common problem faced by them was clogging in their vehicle’s engine which can cause damage to costly internal components. It results in the engine losing its power, consumption of more fuel, thereby emitting higher pollution as a result. This can have a significant impact on the environment as well as the road safety. Therefore, to solve this problem, we have introduced superior quality commercial filters in the aftermarket in association with Roki Japan to ensure availability of effective filter design with advanced filtration technology. In order to maximize engine performance and ensure smooth and effective operation under all driving conditions, our filters are made in controlled manufacturing facilities in India using imported advanced filtration paper. They are extensively tested for their durability and performance and we are confident that our new range of filters will not only meet or surpass customer expectations but also increase the general efficiency and lifespan of their vehicles.”

The fact that the filters are made to withstand the challenging driving conditions in India and guarantee performance that meets OEM standards makes this latest range of automotive filters from Uno Minda a class in itself.  The icing on the cake is the company’s assurance that its entire line of automotive filters is available for all makes and models of commercial vehicles.

This range of Commercial Vehicle Filters by Uno Minda starts at MRP 121/- INR and is available at all the leading online and offline retail stores.