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Uno Minda brings Clarton’s premium C80 trumpet horn with European Technology to Indian aftermarket

The range is one of the most premium horns available in the Indian aftermarket and is compatible with almost every car manufactured in India The Indian automotive industry has ushered into a new era with customers now demanding more premium products from automobile manufacturers, considering that owning a car is not only necessary. It’s a […]

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Uno Minda launches 4-wheeler Rear View Mirror for Enhanced Road Safety and Driving Experience

In bustling city environments where traffic is a constant challenge, ensuring road safety is more crucial than ever. Rear-end collisions, often caused by distractions, are a significant concern. This emphasizes the importance of proper mirror usage for every driver. Beyond being a mere reflective surface, a rearview mirror serves as a vital tool for preventing […]


Uno Minda showcases comprehensive range of aftermarket solutions

Uno Minda showcased its comprehensive range of exclusive aftermarket solutions for 2w, 3w, passenger cars, CVs, tractors and off-road vehicles at ACMA Automechanika 2024. An extensive coverage in ICE vehicles were showcased in both Electrical and Mechanical Category like Automotive Switches, Lighting, Horns, Filters, Alloy Wheels, Seating, CNG/LPG Kits, Air Brakes, Car Braking, Shockers & […]


Uno Minda unveils advanced DVR and ADAS in the aftermarket

The automotive landscape in India has undergone a significant technological transformation in recent years. With a heightened focus on safety, there is a growing demand for technology-based rider aids. Notably, there has been a gradual decrease in traditional driving methods, with an increasing popularity of autonomous driving-enabled products. India currently holds the unfortunate distinction of […]


Uno Minda unveils range of commercial vehicle filters powered by Roki

Just like we need nostrils to breathe clean air.  An automobile’s engine needs high quality filters to function properly and extract optimum performance. The engine and other costly internal components of an automobile can easily be corroded by pollutants such as dirt, dust, and other debris. The air filters act as an effective barrier against […]


Uno Minda unveils high performance in-car speakers powered by Onkyo

~Priced at a range of MRP. 4990/-, the new 400 W max power car speakers are designed for an immersive musical experience in your car ~ Ever noticed how suddenly a loud beat in your car can uplift your driving mood or those moments when you turned your car into a DJ, on those long […]

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Uno Minda launches new line of side stand sensors and switches for bike riders

Forgetting to retract the side stand of a bike while in a rush, is a major reason for a crash in India. In such cases, riders usually endure serious injuries and sometimes it can cost them their lives. Therefore, to address this issue and to ensure the utmost safety of its customers, Uno Minda, a […]


Uno Minda launches premium range of Alloy wheels for the Indian aftermarket

 Cars have evolved into an expression of identity and passion over time, becoming synonymous with style and status. That is why car owners take great care to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. However, with limited knowledge, they tend to choose sub-standard products, including wheels, that seemingly add to the personality of their cars but […]

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Uno Minda launches In-car multimedia player system range for aftermarket

Uno Minda Ltd., a leading tier 1 supplier of proprietary automotive solutions to OEMs, has announced the launch of its car infotainment system, WTUNES-649TAACP – 9 INCH UNIVERSAL ANDROID PLAYER in the aftermarket. Aimed at meeting the demands of car owners and car enthusiasts alike, this universal Car multimedia powered by a powerful T5 processor system, supports wireless […]


UNO MINDA launches BS VI-compliant engine oils for two-wheelers

Uno Minda, a leading tier 1 supplier of proprietary automotive solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has announced the launch of its BS VI-compliant automotive engine oils for two-wheelers in the aftermarket. The company aims to address the growing demand for energy-efficient engine oils in the automobile industry as well as cater to the evolving […]

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Uno Minda – Tapping opportunities, creating value with aggressive ‘Driving the New’ strategy

Uno Minda has embarked on an exciting strategy called ‘Driving the new’ to take its aftermarket business to the next level. The company’s aftermarket biz has seen five-fold growth in eight years and is growing from strength to strength by investing in the right areas and tapping into multiple available opportunities. N. Balasubramanian gets the […]

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UNO MINDA to open subsidiary in Dubai to enhance aftermarket division’s reach in MEA region

UNO Minda Limited (formerly known as Minda Industries Limited), a tier-1 supplier of proprietary automotive solutions and systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is investing around Rs. 300 crores in expanding its manufacturing capacity of 4W Alloy Wheels and 4W Automotive switches to meet rising demand. Minda Kosei Aluminum Wheel Private Limited, one of the […]