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Widney’s focus on operator well-being with clear visibility and robust products

In the interview with Rajesh Rajgor, Jason Brookes, Engineering Director at Widney Manufacturing Ltd., expressed excitement, showcasing Widney’s top-quality windows for construction equipment. He emphasized Widney’s engineering expertise, commitment to safety, and bespoke solutions tailored to address specific challenges in the industry. Brookes conveyed optimism about the evolving operator environment in the Indian market and discussed Widney’s ambitious production expansion plans in the coming months.

Jason Brookes, Engineering Director at Widney Manufacturing Ltd., welcomed Motor India’s coverage at EXCON 2023, expressing enthusiasm about showcasing Widney’s products for the construction equipment industry. He stated, “What we offer the world of construction equipment are the best windows for backhoes and sliding side windows.

Discussing the advantages of Widney’s products, Brookes emphasized their engineering experience, ensuring safe operator environments. He said, “Our products are easy to operate, open and close, and they will last for many years in the rugged construction equipment environment. We test and develop everything extensively to meet the highest quality standards.”

Safety considerations were a focal point in the interview, with Brookes elaborating on the importance of clear visibility, sturdy latches, and effective seals in preventing accidents and maintaining operator well-being. He highlighted, “The seals prevent dust from coming into the operator cabins, ensuring air quality in challenging environments.”

Brookes provided an overview of Widney’s manufacturing capacities, detailing the role of their R&D facility in Birmingham, England. He mentioned, “Our R&D facility uses a team of 15 engineers working on design, test, and development. We manufacture both in Birmingham and in Faridabad, India, ensuring the same high quality.

Regarding the demand-supply dynamics, Brookes emphasized Widney’s customized approach, stating, “Everything we do is customized, designed to solve specific problems for our customers. We prefer our customers to come to us with a problem to solve, and we design bespoke solutions for them.
In terms of the Indian market, Brookes noted the evolving safety and operator environment landscape. He expressed optimism, stating, “The demand we’re getting at the show suggests that construction equipment manufacturers are looking to improve the operator environment, which is good news for us.”
Addressing localization and assembly in India, Brookes mentioned current manufacturing for JCB and Caterpillar and plans for future growth. He stated, “We’re already in India in Faridabad and plan to grow that facility, possibly developing a second facility further south in India.

Sharing ambitious targets, Brookes revealed plans to double production capability in Faridabad in the next 12 months. Looking ahead, he expressed confidence in the Indian market’s potential, stating, “We believe the domestic market is good for us, and we’re at the right time now to service it.