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Widney’s focus on operator well-being with clear visibility and robust products

In the interview with Rajesh Rajgor, Jason Brookes, Engineering Director at Widney Manufacturing Ltd., expressed excitement, showcasing Widney’s top-quality windows for construction equipment. He emphasized Widney’s engineering expertise, commitment to safety, and bespoke solutions tailored to address specific challenges in the industry. Brookes conveyed optimism about the evolving operator environment in the Indian market and […]


ChargeUp’s transformative green-tech initiatives in India’s EV market

In a free-wheeling discussion with Rajesh Rajgor, Varun Goenka, Co-Founder & CEO of ChargeUp, highlights the company’s mission to combat environmental issues through sustainable innovations. Established in 2019, ChargeUp is dedicated to creating the largest electric two and three-wheeler distribution network, particularly focusing on e-rickshaws as an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. E-rickshaws had […]


StellarSP Seating Products – Revolutionizing mobility through innovation and excellence

In an exclusive interview with N. Balasubramanian, Rengarajan Srinivasan, Director of StellarSP Seating Products, shares valuable insights into the company’s innovative strategies, growth trajectory, and vision for the future. From their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to their global aspirations, Rengarajan provided a comprehensive overview of StellarSP’s journey, emphasizing their commitment to transforming the commercial vehicle seating […]