Valvoline’s indefatigable pursuit for innovation brings high performance

Full Synthetic Engine Oil for every car owner All Climate range of full synthetic engine oils, a lucrative proposition for all car owners; Urges every car owner to switch to synthetic October 26, 2022: Valvoline Cummins India, the Original Engine Oil maker and a leading presented its ‘Switch to Synthetic’ value proposition and campaign for all passenger car owners in India.

With its portfolio of All Climate Advanced 5W30 and All Climate Premium 10W40 range of full synthetic engine oils, Valvoline has democratised access to high-performance engine oils for all, whether you are a compact car or a top-of-the-line powerful SUV owner. 

Today’s modern cars are complex and the rising environmental concerns have led to additional engine components that increase efficiency, which makes them more complex.Cars today also have longer drain intervals which put additional stress on engine oil. To meet these rising challenges, it is important to use full synthetic engine oil that offers superior protection and guards the engine against wear and tear for a longer engine life. Valvoline believes that every car is special and deserves the best protection and care. Such care should not be just limited to car enthusiasts and petrol heads, but it should be given to every car, no matter its make, age, or segment.

Valvoline All Climate Advanced 5W30 and Valvoline All Climate Premium 10W40 are full synthetic engine oils which have been made available to consumers across segments. Car owners no longer need to spend 1.5X the amount to avail the best-in-class full synthetic engine oil for their cars. After all, Valvoline truly believes that innovation is meaningful only when it maximizes value for consumers. 

Speaking about the Switch to Synthetic campaign, Mr. Sandeep Kalia, MD, and CEO, Valvoline, said, “Valvoline invented engine oil 150 years ago, and we have been reinventing it ever since. We are committed to researching and developing innovative industry-first products and are an agile customer-centric brand that is quick to meet customer demands through our class-leading products. Keeping this in mind, we have developed Valvoline All Climate range of full synthetic oils that is accessible to all and offers superior engine protection to all cars. ” 

The engine oil contains premium anti-wear additives, superior antioxidants, and extra detergents. With its high viscosity index, it ensures suitable oil thickness at all temperatures protecting the engine against any wear and tear. Since they are accessible for all, car owners need not compromise on car care by continual use of conventional engine oils; they can easily switch to full synthetic engine oil for exceptional car care This new range of oils has strong and uniform molecules to offer high thermo-oxidative stability, extended drain interval and reduced engine maintenance costs. In addition to that, excellent low-temperature properties support cold starts and enhance battery life. 

This range of engine oils is suitable for engines across car segments from the leading automakers in India. Valvoline All Climate Advanced 5W30 and Valvoline All Climate Premium 10W40 will be available in all pack sizes suited to meet consumer needs across segments. The two products are in addition to the existing premium full synthetic SynPower 5W40.