Used Scania trucks made new

Benefiting from 108-point checks, a “Scania Talent” program and an interior UV treatment, Scania Benelux sees an upswing in used trucks sales. “We see a lot of happy customers that come back to expand or renew their fleet,” says Bram Stakenburg, responsible for used trucks in Benelux.

Since 2014, Bram Stakenburg has been responsible for Scania Used Trucks Benelux at the Scania Truck Center in Wijchen near Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands. The aim of the facility is to be the knowledge and experience center when it comes to export, as well as supporting the local dealers for local sales to end users.

“Today’s goal is still to keep the Scania trucks in the Scania chain as long as possible,” Stakenburg says. “This means that we try to find clients for the younger trucks in our own network via our account managers.”

108-point check

Most trucks younger than 48 months get a 108-point check, meaning the truck has been thoroughly inspected to the technical and visual standards set by the Scania factory. These checks are done by dedicated inspectors at the Scania Truck Center in Wijchen.

“Within our Scania Premium Selection label, we sell R 450/500 A4x2 tractors, which are all 108-point checked. They are no more than 36 months old and have done maximum of 450,000 kilometres. Also included is L service, a one-year driveline warranty and six months of fleet monitoring. And we do this for a very competitive monthly instalment.”

With a “Scania Talent” label, Bram and his colleagues also sell Scania R 450 Topline tractors which are no more than 30 months old and have been driven a maximum 250,000 kilometres. They have new tyres, included service, as well as one-year driveline warranty and six months fleet monitoring. 

UV and Ozone treatment

“All our used trucks get a professional cleaning inside and outside. The interior gets a UV and Ozone treatment to kill all germs, fungus and  bacteria,” Stakenburg says.

Bram Stakenburg, responsible for used trucks in Benelux.

The result of this treatment is that used Scania trucks in Benelux smell new, even if the former owner was driving cattle, smoking like a chimney or chewing garlic all day long.

“You only get one chance for a first impression. For that reason we put a lot of effort into the presentation of our used trucks,” Stakenburg explains.

“Of course there is always a risk when you buy a used truck, but with the complete check and repairs done we know that we minimise potential risk. If somebody buys a used truck from us, we are confident that the client buys a reliable truck with a great value for money.”

And the customers seem to love the Truck Center in Wijchen.

“Clearly we pick the fruits from our used trucks routines, because we see a lot of happy customers that come back to expand or renew their fleet.”

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