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Kuehne+Nagel India launches EVs with Magenta Mobility to decarbonise road services

Kuehne+Nagel globally aims to have 60% low-emission vehicles in its own fleet by 2030

Kuehne+Nagel has partnered with Magenta Mobility to electrify its fleet in India. In this partnership, Magenta Mobility will provide electric vehicles (EV) for Kuehne+Nagel’s road logistics operations in India.

As part of its Roadmap 2026 and Vision 2030 to become the most trusted supply chain partner supporting a sustainable future, the company is actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33% by the end of 2030 (compared to a 2019 baseline). Specifically for Road Logistics, the company aims to have 60% low-emission vehicles in its own fleet by 2030.

Simultaneously, the Indian government has set its sights on propelling the nation towards a developed country status by 2047, strongly emphasising electric vehicles and the transition to a low-carbon economy. To catalyse widespread EV adoption, the government is implementing measures including tax incentives, production-linked incentives, and charging infrastructure development. Kuehne+Nagel actively contributes to this national commitment by electrifying its fleet in India, bolstering local companies and advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

“We believe that embracing electric mobility is vital for transitioning to a zero-carbon future. With Magenta Mobility’s commitment and innovative approach, they are the right partner to support us in our logistics operations in India. Through this partnership, we make significant strides towards achieving our Living ESG goals, a cornerstone of our Roadmap 2026. The electrifying initiative extends beyond India, exemplified by the recent launch of electric vehicles by our Kuehne+Nagel Thailand team,” said Chellan Ganesan, Road Logistics Area Manager, Asia and the Pacific countries for Kuehne+Nagel.

Commenting on the partnership, Maxson Lewis, Founder and CEO of Magenta Mobility, said, “At Magenta Mobility, we have always prioritised safe, smart, and sustainable transportation solutions to decarbonise logistics. We are excited and honoured by the trust showcased by Kuehne+Nagel in our capability to support them in meeting their sustainability goals. This collaboration reinforces our responsibility to protect the environment and presents a significant opportunity to contribute to the growing EV ecosystem in India.”