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Kärcher stepping up presence in construction equipment space

Kärcher is known for developing highest standards of cleaning expertise and is a dominant player in the auto and industrial cleaning segment. K.V Naren, G.M. South, Kärcher Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd, outlines the company’s aim of participating at EXCON and their specific focus areas in an interview with Rajesh Rajgor

K.V.Naren, (2nd from left) G.M. South, Kärcher Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Kärcher Cleaning System India Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kärcher Germany showcased a wide range of products not only for OEMs in the construction industry but also for equipment’s and shop floors that require cleaning. Naren says: “Cleaning requirements erupt at close to 4 stages at a construction site. Right from the start of the product, finishing stage of construction and the hand over stage of the site and maintenance of the up keep of the sites. Some of the pre-cast concrete elements too require cleaning, as the liquid is poured to into moulds to build blocks. Before they get into a new bloc preparation, they have to clean the mould. If they don’t clean it or maintain it properly, the surface of the block will be uneven. We are showcasing our high-pressure cleaners from 150 to 2,500 bar.”

There’s no doubt that Kärcher makes the greatest machinery for the most demanding jobs. With ultra-high-pressure devices and up to 2,500 bar pressure, even the most obstinate dirt can be simply removed. They can even be used to roughen concrete and expose steel reinforcing with this degree of power. “When Kärcher safety vacuums are utilised, hazardous or explosive dusts have no chance. Using cutting-edge dry ice blasters, even sensitive surfaces may be cleaned softly and effectively. Customers can see for themselves whether they need extreme safety, excessive pressure, or extreme sensitivity — Kärcher machines are well-equipped in all of these areas,” adds Naren.

Reliable player

Kärcher in India has over 14 branches with close to 150 dealers that makes their sales and service network the strongest in the cleaning space. “We have been in India since last 25 years. Our service support is second to none and can address customer’s grievance, if any, within 48 hours. Our machines are low in maintenance and highly robust. We extend a one-year warranty on our machines and customers can also avail comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC once the warranty period expires. Our complete sales are based on value additions and hence we have been quite successful in the premium segment (OEMS & Industrial) and mid-size companies (Construction companies) who understand the value of these automated cleaning machines and accessories,” he shares.

“However, it is a show as large and important as EXCON that gives us a platform to also reach out to end users and small enterprises,” Naren feels. “We will have to make the smaller players understand the advantage of these automated machine for cleaning challenges. There is a huge volume off business available in this target group hence we have bolstered our focus in the construction segment. We are engaged with several companies and deal makers to position ourselves strongly as a leader in the cleaning space,” he signs off.