Innovation Meets Trust myTVS partners with FILTRON

Partnership to drive innovation by delivering globally proven filters in Indian market

In an exclusive interview with N. Balasubramanian, leaders from both myTVS and MANN+HUMMEL shed light on their new partnership and the exciting business prospects it presents. G. Srinivasa Raghavan, Managing Director, Satya A R, President, and Bharath Chandrasekaran, VP, myTVS, talk on the trust & reliability of myTVS and how it has helped nurture multiple successful partnerships with leading global brands. Meanwhile, Simon Frick, Senior Vice President, AMEA, Automotive Aftermarket, MANN+HUMMEL, Onur Ozyapici, Automotive Aftermarket Director, India, MEA and Managing Director, Middle East, MANN+HUMMEL, and Sachin Mohan Gupta, Director – Automotive Aftermarket, MANN+HUMMEL India, share insights into the company’s journey, its foothold in India, and the strategic initiatives propelling its growth.

myTVS seems to be a preferred partner for many global brands. How does it feel to serve as a global launchpad for brands entering the Indian market?
Srinivasa Raghavan: The myTVS brand stands for reliability, quality, and innovation, which are attributes that resonate strongly with our partners and consumers alike. Serving as a gateway for global brands to enter the Indian market is indeed a tremendous honor and responsibility for us. It underscores the trust and credibility that myTVS has earned over the years. We take great pride in our role as a facilitator for these partnerships, as it allows us to leverage our extensive reach and established network to provide valuable opportunities for both our partners and consumers.

What prompted myTVS’ partnership with Filtron, a relatively new brand in the Indian market?
Satya A R: The decision to partner with Filtron was driven by our commitment to offering best-in-class products to our consumers. While Filtron may be a newer entrant in the Indian market, it boasts a strong reputation as a leading brand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. What sets Filtron apart is its advanced filtration technologies and innovative packaging solutions, which align perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers. By partnering with Filtron, we aim to further enhance our product offerings and cater to the diverse needs of both passenger and commercial vehicle segments.

Could you provide an overview of MANN+HUMMEL’s presence in India and the different brands you offer?
Simon Frick: MANN+HUMMEL is a filtration company with a legacy spanning 80 years. We pride ourselves on being leaders in providing filtration solutions globally, catering to various segments including automotive, off-highway , Industrial , construction, agriculture, marine applications, and more.

Our journey in India began in 2003 with a representative office, which later evolved into a joint venture in 2006. Currently, we boast two production facilities, four warehouses for aftermarket distribution, and a robust R&D center supporting global activities.

With the acquisition of companies like Wix and Filtron, alongside our established brand MANN-FILTER, MANN+HUMMEL offers multi-brand solutions in the aftermarket. Brands like Filtron, renowned in Europe and America bring high-quality filtration to various markets, including India.

How important is this partnership with myTVS for Filtron?
Onur Ozyapici: Collaborating with myTVS, a leading distributor with a vast network and digital capabilities, enhances our reach in the Indian market. This partnership focuses on providing excellent customer service and quality products and is very important for us.

What is the roadmap for the myTVS – Filtron partnership for the rest of the year?
Srinivasa Raghavan: The partnership with Filtron is off to a promising start, with the commercial launch also done. We are excited about the potential impact of Filtron’s superior products in the Indian market and aim to revolutionize the filtration segment. Our focus will be on driving market penetration, enhancing brand visibility, and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Onur Ozyapici: Our strategy revolves around catering to diverse vehicle segments, with a focus on passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles. We aim to expand our offerings while prioritizing local manufacturing to meet market demands efficiently.

What differentiation does Filtron bring to the Indian market, and what safety advantages does its products offer?
Sachin Mohan Gupta: Filtron products are renowned for their quality and reliability, with a focus on safety. Our cabin filters feature advanced technologies like PM 10 and PM 2.5 filtration, along with antibacterial properties, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience for users.

We also understand Filtron is known for its unique packaging. Can you share some details on the same?
Onur Ozyapici: Filtron’s packaging utilizes color-coded schemes for easy identification, simplifying the process for mechanics and end customers. This user-friendly approach enhances efficiency and convenience in part identification.

What are the future targets for Filtron in the Indian market?
Onur Ozyapici: Leveraging partnerships like myTVS and implementing robust marketing strategies, MANN+HUMMEL aims to capture significant market share across passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway segments. Our focus on innovation and customer-centric approach drives our pursuit of leadership in the Indian market.

Sachin Mohan Gupta: Our goal is to establish Filtron as a leading player in various vehicle segments by 2030. We prioritize customer service and satisfaction, aiming to enhance vehicle performance and longevity through our filtration solutions.


On the myTVS side, how are things progressing on the digitalization side, particularly digital catalogues?
Bharath Chandrasekaran: The digital catalogue plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless part identification and procurement for our customers. It provides comprehensive vehicle information and cross-referencing capabilities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in part selection. Our dedicated team of category managers ensures data richness within the catalogue, enabling users to access the right parts with ease. Ultimately, our goal is to offer a friction-free and seamless experience in the automotive aftermarket, where customers can quickly and reliably find the parts they need.

What’s next for myTVS in terms of supply chain development and global expansion?
Srinivasa Raghavan: Moving forward, our focus remains on maximizing the potential of our network model and fostering strategic partnerships. We aim to further enhance our supply chain efficiency, leverage data analytics, and explore innovative delivery models to create value for all stakeholders. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities for global expansion, with plans to replicate our success in other geographies. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration will continue to drive our growth and success in the automotive aftermarket.

What significance does the Indian market hold for MANN+HUMMEL’s global strategy?
Simon Frick: We at MANN+HUMMEL India have an ambitious growth plan with crystal clear 2030 Vision strategy. Our statement “United by Vision, Driven by Filtration” motivates us to strive for excellence for filtration in India. Derived from our global vision we would like to make Earth a better place to live with our filtration strategy when it comes cleaner mobility, Air or water. MANN+HUMMEL provides key technologies for cleaner planet by ‘Separating the useful from Harmful’.