Delphi Technologies unveils cutting-edge electrification and braking solutions

Ningjun Liu, VP, Aftermarket, Borgwarner APAC speaks to Sarada Vishnubhatla about how Delphi Technologies is proud of presenting their cutting-edge electrification and braking solutions while highligting their expertise in OE and technical knowhow to benefit the aftermarket in India and elsewhere in the world.

Be it India or the world markets – Delphi Technologies is known for their OE and advanced technical solutions for the aftermarket. At Automechanika Frankfurt in mid-September 2022, the company launched a range of light weight bi-metallic brake discs, brake pads and electrification solutions. Delphi Technologies, a brand of BorgWarner Inc., made a united appearance with BorgWarner Aftermarket as one T.E.A.M or Technology Experts for the Aftermarket.

The idea this put forth was to illustrate the combined strength of both the brands in the aftermarket that are ably supported by a robust portfolio. Their presence reiterated the brand’s aim to continue offering their support to workshops and technicians to service vehicles of tomorrow and support customers in unlocking future market opportunities.

Ningjun Liu, VP, Aftermarket, BorgWarner APAC says: “Post the COVID pandemic, we are super excited to present our latest technology here at the show – whether it is an engine management system for our ignition coil, our sensors, or our diagnostic tools. Our booth here provides demonstration of the actual solutions for the aftermarket for the benefit of our customers. We also have a preview of a range of our environmental-friendly brake pads designed for battery electric vehicles, and full-service solutions for Euro 6 heavy duty diesel vehicles.”

Delphi Technologies grabbed eyeballs at the show with their Euro 6 products designed for the aftermarket– being shown for the first time. All the products and solutions that enthralled the visitors at the trade show have already been cascaded down to the company’s sales offices in India to be made available in the Indian aftermarket.

Liu talks about the speciality of the launched products: “Our diagnostic tools allow the data to be downloaded. Our heritage as a major OE supplier in the market – whether for diesel vehicles or the next-generation electric vehicles – gives us the advantage both technologically and product wise in the aftermarket. We ensure that we extend the OE quality even in the aftermarket parts to continue to satisfy our loyal customers globally, including India.”

Their brake pads feature new surface coating for anti-corrosion purposes. Liu elaborates on the unique points: “The braking solutions, and braking pads for the EVs, and our diagnostic tools for both the combustion engine and EVs have caught the maximum attention of the visitors because the markets have been looking for such solutions for a long time.”

The fastest moving markets for Delphi Technologies globally are China and India recording nine and eight per cent of their internal revenue. Liu highlights that: “Both China and India, especially India, still continue to be relying heavily on the combustion engine technology and not EVs so much unlike the US or in Europe. We definitely have a product advantage and a strong growth in these two markets and India, as I mentioned, continues to seek out more Delphi products.”

Even though EVs are evolving in India, still there is a heavy dependence on IC engines, which in all good faith may still reach its peak in the next decade or two. And companies like Delphi Technologies understand the need to cater to both the platforms competitively.

Liu explains: “Europe and the US markets are mandated by their policies that by 2035, all their commercial vehicles and fleets must shift to electric. And Asia follows their product development, hence our support and tandem development in the EV segment too. So, for India, we will carry forward the technology from the global markets even as we continue to cater our combustion engine solutions. They can run simultaneously, and it is true that we still see the longevity of the combustion engine product for the next 10 or 20 years. In fact, customers from India have actively sought us out at this trade show for combustion engine solutions.”

In turn, Delphi Technologies is fully prepared to cater to the latest emission norms, EVs and hybrid EVs, alongside IC engines in India depending on the demand and the need of it.